What are Yoga Blocks and how do they fit into a Yoga class

Yoga has been in practice for over 5,000 years now. What began in India as a way to achieve spiritual enlightenment is now being used all over the world as a way to feel better and stay healthier. In addition to physically participating in a sequence of yoga positions there are other important factors that include controlling the breath, clearing the mind and meditating.

Yoga Blocks and Bricks


There are many props that can be used during the practice of yoga and they include mats, cushions, straps, benches and also yoga blocks. These props are used to help a person get the full potential out of a certain yoga move or position. Some positions may be harder to get into than others and rather than completely abandon the idea of doing something, a yoga block can help achieve great results.

Blocks and Bricks for Yoga Props

Duration Of The Practice

Yoga in general emphasises the development of flexibility as well as strength, stamina, balance and also concentration. Meditation is a great compliment to this practice as well. The yoga block can be used when a position can not be reached. It can also provide support to the back and other areas when a person desires to hold a position for a longer period of time. Something as advanced as a head stand can benefit from a yoga block. The block can be used to get into the position and it can be used during the practice of the position if the person becomes tired or uncomfortable.

Weight Distribution and Alignment

A yoga block works by allowing a person to keep the weight in their body distributed more evenly. This prevents injury and increases the potential benefits of a yoga practice. It is important to pay close attention to alignment as well and a yoga block allows a person to ensure that their limbs are perfectly aligned with each other during a class or routine.

Beginners And Experts Alike

When a person begins to practice yoga there may be very few positions that they can achieve during their practice. They may feel very discouraged and stop doing yoga because they don’t feel they are good enough. A yoga block can help boost confidence by allowing a beginner to do more than they would have been able to otherwise. Experts can also benefit from yoga blocks and other props because they can help extend a pose even further and sometimes longer as well. Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages and props are often a necessity for seniors that want to reap the benefits of yoga without exhausting their muscles.


Finding The Right Prop

There are many different yoga props available and there are a number of different blocks available as well. The object of a prop is to benefit the yogi while they practice so what works for one person might not work for another. Yoga Mad offers a number of different yoga blocks and bricks that are beneficial to a yoga practice. Different brinks have different densities and are made of different materials. You can also pick from a variety of different colors and styles so you can match your prop to your mat. The most common yoga brick is the rectangular block which is usually made of wood, cork or foam. The more solid the better as a person will feel more secure with a secure product that they can rely on.


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