Why Not Think About Cycling to Work?

Starting cycling to work

During the winter, it’s very easy to barricade ourselves indoors and hibernate until the sun decides to turn up again. However, staying fit over the colder seasons is essential if you want to achieve an attractive physique for when spring and summer arrive. Get a head start by making your commute to work by bike!

Don’t be put off by the colder temperatures; once you get going, the crisp winter air is immensely satisfying and you’ll arrive at work feeling refreshed, alert and fit. Perhaps the biggest benefit of commuting to working every day by bike is that it improves your overall level of fitness. Recent research has claimed that you could reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 50 per cent by riding as little as 20 miles per week. This isn’t a stretch for most people who work Monday to Friday jobs.


Get on your bike!
Get on your bike!

If you’re wondering what type of bike you should get, Leisure Lakes Bikes have a variety of mountain bikes that could be suitable. Using a mountain bike instead of your typical road or commuter bike gives you more options later down the line. If you start to develop a passion for cycling, you can take your bike off-road and go on some more challenging country trails. Mountain bikes are also great if you plan on taking some alternative woodland paths to work every morning.

It’s important that you stay safe on the roads. Wear a helmet and read this guide if your cycling proficiency is a little rusty.

Your wallet will also start to feel the benefits of your hobby. No longer will you have to throw money away on late buses and overpriced petrol. The initial cost of a bike will appear trivial once you see the money you begin to save each month.

Cycling to work also does wonders for your mood and well-being. Sunlight is hard to come by in the winter, so you’ll be making the most of it, absorbing all of the feel-good vitamin D. Not only that, your confidence and self-esteem will increase day by day as you see your fitness and speed improve.

For further advice on how to stay healthy during the winter, read our set of festive health tips here.

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