Why is Tennis Good for Your Health

Anyone for tennis?
Anyone for tennis?

Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports, attracting millions of viewers across the globe each year. In fact, Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Final appearance attracted 17m viewers worldwide.

But what are the physical benefits of the game? And how does playing it boost healthy living and vitality?

Well here’s how you can stay trim and healthy, just like the pro’s.

Helps keep you slim

Have you ever seen a fat tennis player?

No, because these guys keep themselves at the peak of physical performance and are in incredible shape.

Tennis is great for aerobic fitness, as the constant movement and running can help you to shift the pounds.

Plus it’s a non-contact sport, which means you won’t get your ankles kicked or take endless body blows to burn calories like you would in football or rugby. (Here’s a calorie calculator you can use to estimate how long one hour of tennis would burn)


Widely available

The great thing about tennis is that it can be played pretty much anywhere. Your garden, a local park or playing field are great places to get a feel for the game.

And even when the weather’s poor, any sports or health centre worth its salt will provide tennis courts, so you can hone your skills on a full-size court just like Federer.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

We all know that a healthy heart means a healthy body, but piling on the pounds and avoiding exercise can increase the likeliness of heart disease.

Something everyone wants to avoid.

An averaged size man can burn up to 600 calories by playing an hour’s worth of tennis, so if you were to play a few times a week, it’ll help towards weight loss, lowering cholesterol and stress levels, the main causes of heart disease.

Boosts movement and flexibility

To play tennis, the whole body is needed to play competitively (or at least to burn calories)

So if you’re feeling unfit and your muscles feel stiff and tight, get your racquet and head down to the courts, as the flexibility and coordination required for the game will get you moving and feeling good in no time.

Mixes it up/variety

Treadmill, rowing machine, cross-trainer………

Doing the same exercises in the gym three or four times a week can get boring really quick, and the same mundane routine will affect your desire to train.

But by playing sports like tennis, it will burn off those desired calories and get you fit, will make your weekly exercise routine much more bearable.

And by playing with a friend, you’ll no longer feel like your weight loss routine is a solo project.

Increase alertness

Lacking in concentration or not feeling as alert?

Tennis requires full concentration, focus and tactical thinking; things that we all need to stay on top in the workplace or in the classroom.

Studies have suggested that the characteristics required to play the game could generate new nerve connections within the brain, ensuring continued development.


Well that’s just some of the benefits tennis can offer you. But don’t just take our word for it, get out on the court and experience them for yourself.

This article was written by Sam Rigby on behalf of Wimbledon Debenture Holders, the home of Wimbledon tickets for the 2013 Championships.


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