Watch Your Weight, It’s Not Just About Looking Good

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A lot of people tend to think that keeping weight under control is a matter of vanity. That’s what you’ll typically hear from people that use the phrase fat shaming liberally. You shouldn’t tell people to lose weight because if you do, you’re making them feel bad for looking a certain way. The most recent uproar surrounding this idea is being brought up against the TV show This Is Us. One of the main characters is an overweight woman, and we’re not talking about a few extra pounds here. The women is clearly obese and yet people are complaining her storyline is based on her weight. People are right to say we shouldn’t judge others by the way they look. But there is one thing that we need to remember about obesity and weight issues in general. It’s not just a cosmetic problem. If you’re overweight, you’ll be more susceptible to developing a number of medical conditions. These can be quite serious, and that’s why it’s important that you keep a healthy weight.


Chronic Pain

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Did you know that if you are overweight, you are more likely to suffer from chronic pain? This is essentially due to the fact that your body isn’t supposed to carry more than a natural weight, typically found on a BMI scale. Therefore, the more overweight your body is, the more pressure there is on key areas of your body such as your spine. Due to this, overweight people often experience pain in their back, limbs and joints. Obese people also tend to have terrible posture due to the extra weight pushing their body out of shape. As such, someone who is slightly overweight could look morbidly obese. Often, this is simply due to their spine pushing the weight in front. If you experience chronic pain, it might be time to think about losing a few pounds. You could get a far better quality of life if you do this.




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Being overweight increases the likelihood that you will develop the most common form of diabetes, type 2. If you have type 2 diabetes, your body won’t be able to make the insulin that it needs. Due to this, you will need to have a regular injection of insulin or some other form of medical treatment. You can get metformin tablets for diabetes which work on the same principle. Your body gets the insulin it needs that you are no longer producing. Diabetes can be serious and may lead to the loss of limbs. It is unfair to associate people who have diabetes with an unhealthy lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes is genetic and shares very little in common with type 2. However, that still means that we need to see diabetes as a risk of living unhealthily. It’s one of the reasons why everyone should be told to keep a healthy diet. You don’t want to develop a condition like this and be forced to live on meds for the rest of your life.


Heart Conditions


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Heart conditions such as arrhythmia are more common in people who are overweight. Heart arrhythmia is another word for an atypical heartbeat. While it tends to be harmless, it can lead to other more serious conditions such as heart failure. People who are overweight are far more prone to suffer from heart attacks as well as severe chest pains. Usually, this is to do with their blood vessels. Due to the fat in their bodies, their blood vessels are squeezed tighter and can clog up. Again, conditions such as this can occur in people who are completely healthy. However, living an unhealthy lifestyle makes conditions such as this far more common. If you constantly get chest pain, you may want to consider changing your diet and eating more healthy foods. Particularly, if you commonly eat meals that are high in sugar and fat.





Approximately 1 in 2 people will get cancer at some point during their lives. Most people will develop strains of the disease that are treatable, and others won’t be so lucky. Several types of cancer are more common in people who are obese.  You can not completely avoid the possibility of cancer by just eating healthily and exercising but it helps and you can lower the chances that you’ll be a victim of one of the worst strains of the disease.

People might say that fat shaming is bad and telling people to lose weight is worse. However, it’s clear that medically speaking, people who are overweight are in trouble. Is it better to save them or avoid hurting their feelings?


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