Victim of Clinical Negligence: Your Essential Next Steps

What happens when medical professionals fail?

Clinical Negligence

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Sickness is an inevitable part of life, but medical negligence is not. When we fall ill, we put our trust in medical experts and professionals to help us recover. Ninety-nine percent of the time they succeed, but one percent of the time they fail, which has massive repercussions. Doctors and surgeons are human, so human error is bound to creep into their job. Do we just accept the risks and do nothing if we are part of the one percent, however? No, we fight for our justice.

Firstly, don’t panic. Panic is bound to set in because your health is at risk. But, panic only makes you more likely to make poor decisions. Plus, it could affect your already deteriorating health as it leads to stress. Listen to what the doctors have to say and try and analyse the events with concise clarity. Then, you can come to an informed decision.

It is one thing coming to an informed decision; it is another to act on that decision. For the majority of those affected by clinical negligence, they feel guilty about prosecuting. After all, they were trying to save your life, and they don’t deserve a lawsuit. True, they were trying to save your life, but they were also doing their job, and they failed. When someone does not perform their job to a satisfactory level, there are consequences. Through incompetency, they put your life at risk, and you pay the consequences.

Next, find a lawyer. The law is an incredibly complicated process, and the medical law is even more complicated. Unless you have expertise in the area, you cannot fight this battle alone. You need someone who has special talents and a wealth of experience. Lawyers with these specific skills will be able to get you the best deal possible.

Depending on how your lawyer works, the next steps might not be particularly important. Not because they are not important, but because the law firm might do all this for you. However if they don’t, you will need to get hold of your complete medical records. Within the records there is valuable data and information that your legal team will need to understand the situation. In fact, it is some of the most essential pieces of information your legal team can get their hands on.

After that, your lawyer should use an independent medical source to take a look at the information. It is one thing having a professional consult your medical records, yet it is another thing completely to have an independent medical professional take a glance. For obvious reasons, your legal team is biased as they want you to win. That means they can make mistakes, and we already know how destructive human error can become. Independent sources have no bias, so their opinion is valuable. If it corroborates with your legal team, you have a case and a good chance of winning.

Medical negligence is real,  and so are the consequences. You might feel as if you are doing your doctor a disservice, but they are the ones who are at fault.


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