Understanding The Relationship Between Massage Therapy And Physiotherapy

Unless you work in either massage therapy or physiotherapy, it is probable that you are not fully aware of the distinctions between the two fields.

Massage Therapy - VeryWellBeing.co.ukEven for those that do work in the two areas, the lines can be somewhat blurred. Hopefully this post will help to clear up any uncertainty that you have and enable you to better understand how the two areas can be of benefit to you.

Overview of massage therapy
A therapeutic massage involves manipulating soft tissue with the aim of reducing stress, relieving pain and stimulating the body. A massage can provide various benefits dependant on the specific condition, including the relaxation of tight muscles, improved blood circulation and even better lymph drainage. There are a variety of different massage techniques that can be used in order to address specific problems. For example, a deep tissue massage alongside trigger point therapy may be the best approach to deal with chronic conditions.

Overview of physiotherapy
Physiotherapy can be utilised to maintain and restore bodily movement that has been reduced due to disease, physical injury or age. Whilst the reduction of pain is given some consideration; the key aim is to assist the body in repairing itself. The patient is required to exert themselves in order to achieve this goal, through the completion of exercises. Various pieces of equipment and apparatus can be used during the process. It is often possible to measure the progress of a patient’s recovery in terms of movement and strength.

Finding the best treatment
Whether a massage therapist or physiotherapist is best suited to remedy your problem will usually be guided by your doctor. However, in some instances it may be that you have not actually paid a visit to the doctor or hospital regarding your injury. For example, you may have developed some muscle or joint pain over time, that doesn’t seem to be getting better. Many therapists will provide a free consultation in which they will be able to assess whether they can assists you with your injury, or whether you will be best suited visiting a professional from a different field.

You should be aware that in many instances using both a massage therapist and a physiotherapist in conjunction will deliver the best results. So it could be that a massage prior to a physio session will help to relax your muscles. As a result you may be able to stretch a damaged joint a few extra degrees, or carry out more repetitions of a training exercise than you would otherwise.

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