The Types of Healthy Foods You Should Consider Growing

If you need to start improving your health a little, one way you can do that is by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Below you’ll find details of the kinds of foods you should consider growing in your garden.


Tomatoes are so easy to grow, and they taste so good when you’ve done the work yourself. As long as they have a little water and access to plenty of sun, they should grow throughout the summer months. You can easily buy starter plants that take some of the work out of planting them. You can pick what size and type of tomato you want to grow too, so you have plenty of choices.


Radishes are one of the easiest types of vegetable to grow, making them perfect for beginners. All you have to do is buy the right seeds from a quality supplier, and then plant them in the garden during early spring. Then, before long, they’ll be perfect for you to add to your salads. There are different types of radish too, so you’ll have to decide which ones to grow. There are scarlet globe, cherry belle and cherriette radishes.


The key thing to remember when growing carrots is that they need deep soil to grow in. The roots of the carrots tend to reach down deep into the soil, and if they don’t have the space to do this, they won’t grow correctly. You’ll also have to remove any rocks that might be in the ground. You’ll know that it’s time to pull them up out of the ground when the orange top reaches the soil line. Find out more about growing carrots by visiting

Perfect home grown carrots
Perfect home grown carrots


Planting blackberry canes is pretty straightforward. If you only want to grow a small plant, you could put them in a pot and do it that way. But putting them in the ground will allow them to grow larger and spread out. Visit to find out more about the kinds of things you need to grow the largest and healthiest blackberries possible. If all goes well, the fruit should start to ripen around mid-summer.


Rhubarb is a vegetable but it’s quite sweet, so it’s usually used in desserts and to make jams out of. And remember not to eat the leaves, it’s the stalks that are what tastes good. They’re really easy to grow though, so you shouldn’t have any problems. Before you plant the crowns, remove weeds from the surrounding area and plant them in sunlight. It’s best to plant them during the winter because they thrive in cold conditions.

Green Beans

There are so many different types of green bean, so you can try growing different ones and seeing which ones are easiest to grow. Some of them, such as pole beans, need a trellis to grow correctly. So, they’re the ones that demand the most work. But broad beans are pretty easy to grow because you simply have to plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. It’s best to plant them in October or November, so get planting them now!

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