Trim The Fat By Taking Up Cycling

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and get in shape lately you might want to give cycling a try. Cycling is a great form of exercise for getting in shape for a few reasons. First, it’s easy to get the hang of and unlike weight training you don’t need to start slowly. As well as this, you’ll get fresh air and have a new way to get around rather than always taking the car. Many cyclists travel great distances to and from work once they get the hang of it. We think if you give it a try you’ll get in shape and find a new hobby that you love. So what will you need to do to get started?

Cycling is Healthy

We’re going to assume you know how to ride a bike. If you don’t know how it won’t take long to learn. We suggest you start slowly with a little trial and error. Most people master riding a bike in around half an hour, even at a later stage in their life. You just need to learn to balance and you’ll easy get the hang of it. If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, the saying speaks for itself. You’ll easily pick it back up again like you never stopped cycling.

Buying A Bike

Once you’re back on the saddle, you’ll need to buy a bike. The type of bike will depend on which type of cycling you want to try and how much money you have to spend. For instance, you may want to try off-road mountain biking. In which case, you will definitely need a, mountain bike! It probably isn’t the best choice for beginners. Instead, buy a road bike. These have thinner tires and are a lot better on tarmac. If in doubt speak to a specialist in a bike store and they’ll be able to advise you. If you’re willing to spend a lot of money you could get a carbon fibre bike. But these aren’t so much for exercising as they are for getting around quickly. One of the newest models will cost at least a thousand.

carbon fibre road bike

Safety Equipment

It’s important that you buy all the necessary safety equipment before you go out on the road. You will certainly need a reflective jacket as well as lights if you are travelling at night. You need a light for the back and front of your bike. You might also want to get a couple for the helmet that you will certainly require. It’s important you realise these aren’t optional accessories for cycling kits. They are absolutely essential and you’ll be glad you have them on a dark road.


The Rules Of The Road

Lastly, you’ll need to know the rules of the road. It’s important that you are sensible when cycling. Cycling on a road can be just as dangerous as being in a car. In fact, it can be more dangerous because you have limited protection. If you’re not careful, you could get seriously injured.

All that said, cycling is still a great choice for fitness exercise. A couple of uphill climbs a week, and you’ll be shedding those pounds in no time.

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