Top 7 Tips for Happy, Healthy Feet

Happy summer feet
Happy summer feet

With the summer holiday season on its way now more than ever is the time to look after your feet.  They take your weight on a daily basis carrying you through each day.  It is important not to under estimate the role of your feet on your overall health and well-being.

The following are 7 top tips to keep your feet happy and healthy:

  1. Wash your feet every day.  To help reduce the risk of infection, wash your feet properly daily to clear away build-up of sweat and dirt.  Remember particularly to wash and dry thoroughly between the toes where dirt and bacteria commonly gather.
  2. Change socks, tights and ideally shoes daily.  This helps to keep your feet fresh and odour free by avoiding conditions where fungi and bacteria can thrive.
  3. Make sure your shoes fit properly.  Replace your shoes regularly and get your feet measured later in the day when your feet are at their biggest.
  4. Cut your toe nails regularly.  Trim your toe nails with nail scissors or clippers straight across the nail but not too short or too close to the skin.  Cutting straight across rather than at an angle can help prevent in-growing toe nails.
  5. Regularly exfoliate to remove hard skin and callouses.  Use a pumice stone, exfoliating cream or foot file in a gentle rubbing motion to remove hard skin and re-invigorate healthy cell growth underneath.  It is recommended to soak feet in warm water first for 20 minutes, pat dry with a towel and then exfoliate.  Companies such as Boots,, and Premier Healthcare & Hygiene have a good range of products.
  6. Moisturise and massage.  Following an exfoliation massage your favourite podiatry foot cream (for example E45) into your feet and put a pair of socks on to keep the moisture in.  Ideally sleep in the socks for a more intensive moisturise.
  7. Monitor your feet.  Pay attention to changes in colour, temperature, skin quality (cuts or cracks in the skin) or thick or discoloured nails (a sign of fungus developing). Pain in your feet is not normal.  If pain persists see your GP or podiatrist.


It is advisable for people with health conditions such as diabetes, poor circulation or heart problems to not treat their own feet as they are more prone to infections.  Regular trips to the podiatrist or chiropodist are essential as is purchasing good quality foot-care products from companies like Premier Healthcare & Hygiene, or


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