It’s Time for a Breath of Fresh Air

In the new era of fitness fads the outside lifestyle has decreased dramatically, as rather than take the chances of bad weather, we opt for the safe and warm environment of the gym. Getting fit and healthy as we all know is great for our wellbeing. Endorphins give us a natural high which can give us a positive attitude in life, and encourage strength in times of difficulty.

Not only making us durable to life’s rollercoaster, getting a breath of fresh air can give us mental clarity. But as new crazes take over and the gym begins to dominate our method of fitness, we mustn’t forget the benefits that outside exercise can give us.

A walk in the great outdoors...
A walk in the great outdoors…

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Take a Walk

Free and simple, walking is a great way to get started in enjoying the great outdoors. Find somewhere that you can easily get to without driving. The Local Park, or forest, even just taking a walk around your local village or town. The most picturesque the better as you can get a real sense of freedom. Underrated as a form of exercise, walking is perfect if you’re just getting into fitness, and can also include the whole family. Come rain or shine, equip yourself with your favourite wellie boots and umbrella, and you’ll be ready no matter what the weather brings.

On Your Bike

Rather than use the car to get to your usual destinations try and opt for the bike. If this isn’t possible make the effort to get out on your bike a little more by maybe using it go to the shops or run errands. Cycling is great if you find high impact exercises such as running too rigorous, especially if you’re recovering from any types of injury or illness. You’ll discover so much more when you’re using a bike rather than sat in car.

Climb On

Weight training in the gym is great for building strong muscle groups, but being able to manage your own body weight is one of the best forms of exercise, and will give you a greater resistance to any future accidents.

Climbing outside on trees will release your inner child and also give you an incredible workout at the same time. If you don’t want to make like Tarzan at your local forest, there are now many venues across the country that offer nature climbing. Doing something fun will mean you stick at it for longer, and a challenge will encourage you to exercise your brain as well as your body.

Take a Shot

Tennis anyone?
Tennis anyone?

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Getting fresh air doesn’t have to mean getting muddy. Many local fitness centres offer a variety of outdoor sports that you can join with friends and family. From single sports such as Tennis, to team games like hockey. Sports centres offer a variety of fitness packages no matter the type of exercise you prefer. Dragging along a friend can be the perfect way to socialise and get fit without finding it a complete chore.

Whatever activity you decide upon to get fit this year, try to make it outdoors. You’ll be amazed at how it can rejuvenate your outlook on life and enhance your fitness.


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