How To Stay Motivated When Exercising To Lose Weight

Let’s get one thing straight: the chances are that you are just fine the way you are. You don’t have to look like magazine models to have a healthy body. And you shouldn’t preoccupy yourself with those manipulated images.

Nonetheless, most of us could do with losing a few pounds or toning up a little. However, staying motivated can be difficult, especially in the early days. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track.

Drop the Pounds
Drop the pounds and the waist size…

Track Progress

Did you know it could take 12 weeks before others start to notice a difference in your appearance? This relatively slow progress often discourages people from exercising. It’s a shame, especially as most of them are doing great work without realising.

Monitoring your physical progress can help you through those early weeks. Knowing that you’ve knocked five minutes off of your 5km time will keep you motivated. Meanwhile, setting regular small targets should keep you going while also reducing the chance of slacking.

You can track progression yourself. However, there are also a number of gadgets on the market to aid this part of getting fit. Embrace the tech.

Make It Fun

It is important for your health, but it should still be fun. After all, if you’re getting the recommended amount, it is taking up a significant part of your free time.

Apart from anything, you are far more likely to keep at it if you enjoy the activity. With so many different sporting activities on the market, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one you enjoy. If you find two or three that you like, it can also maintain a sense of excitement about your exercise. Mixing things up can also help gain better physical results too.

Even if your joints aren’t in the best condition, low-impact sports like cycling and swimming can help you get fit. There is simply no excuse.

Triathletes in action, burning a few more calories!


Make It Social

Fitting exercise around the rest of your life can be difficult, but it’s imperative that you find a way. The best way to achieve this is by killing two birds with one stone. Make your activities social, and you should have no trouble staying motivated.

Teaming up with an exercise buddy can help you both stay on track. It also offers you a
soundboard for asking advice or getting tips. Alternatively, you could always use exercise as an opportunity to make new friends. 24/7Fitness offer free classes to members, and options like this are a great way to meet fellow minded people.

Making your activities social will increase the fun, and give you an extra reason to turn up too. Perfect.

Combine It With The Right Diet

A balanced diet is a crucial part of anybody’s life. However, it plays an increasingly important part if you are trying to lose weight. Feed your body with the wrong fuel, and it will minimise the progression that you make.

Staying hydrated is extremely important as you’ll be sweating a lot through exercise. As far as eating is concerned, there are plenty of healthy foods and recipes available. The key is to find a plan that works for you.

That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself to the odd night out with friends. Everyone is allowed to let their hair down from time to time. Nonetheless, a good routine will boost your weight loss goals. Additionally, it will make your body function too.

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