Smile For Your Health, It Keeps the Doctor Away!

Give us a smile!
Give us a smile!

Health Benefits of a Smile:

  • Smiling can boost your mood by releasing feel good chemicals like serotonin and endorphins into your brain, give it a go if you are feeling down!
  • These chemicals can also provide natural pain relief, what can be better than a free, natural drug?
  • Smiles are contagious and brighten up the room.  They create positive energy, make you look attractive and help people to warm to you.
  • A smile can boost your immune system by stopping the production of adrenaline (a stress hormone that can cause damage to your body).
  • Smiling can reduce your blood pressure and help to reduce stress.
  • Studies have shown that smiling frequently through life can increase longevity and keep you looking younger so on top of everything else you can get a free, natural face lift!
  • Numbers vary depending on what study you look at but it is definitely conclusive that it takes a lot more muscles to frown than smile.
  •  Try producing a little smile and sit for several minutes.  This can be a simple form of relaxation as it helps to release tension and turn on the feel good mechanisms in the brain.
  • Smile!

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