Simple Guide To Turning Your Best Recipes Into A Business

Cooking Up a Business

Do you love cooking, and coming up with some fantastic recipes? If so, do you think there is the potential for your recipes to catch on? A lot of people make great cooks – and even chefs – but turning a recipe into a business takes more than a delicious taste.

That said, it might not be as hard as you think. And, in this simple guide, we’re going to talk you through everything you want to know. Let’s get started with finding the right recipe…

Choosing your weapon

Is there something that you cook that you class as your signature dish? If so, it’s a good starting point. However, you have to think about the realities of turning your one-pot meal into a product for the outside world. You will need to use more preservatives, for example – will this mean adding salt, affecting the taste? Will you have to add sugar to make it sweeter? There’s quantity of scale to think about, too. Even making up a few pots for friends is nothing in comparison to making the huge batches you need to supply your market.

Making a viable product

What is it about the recipe that makes it stand out? And, could you cut back the recipe to its very bare bones, to make it cheaper and easier to sell? Let’s say you have a zinger of a recipe for a chicken casserole. It tastes great fresh from the pot, but on reheating the chicken doesn’t quite hit the spot. So, you could lose the chicken entirely and just sell the sauce. It’s cheaper to create, the markup is enormous, and it’s easier to create in bulk, and sell over longer periods of time.

Create a brand

Make no mistake about, it; branding is the be all and end all of selling food products. It’s essential that you have a brand in place, or the likelihood of success is slim, at best. You might be able to sell your recipe to a supermarket, or a wholesaler. But, if you want to take some of the credit, you’re going to need that brand to stand out. Find a food branding specialist to help you find your unique selling point and work on your company image.

Safety issues

It’s one thing preparing meals for your friends and family, but another entirely from the moment you start selling food products. Food hygiene is becoming increasingly important, and you have to take your responsibilities in a serious manner. You run the risk of getting shut down by your local food authority, and getting sued by customers if you make them ill. So, learn about food safety and hygiene – and you should also think about getting certified.

Finding a buyer

Now you know the basics, it’s time to get some buyers in place. You could try local shops and stores -perhaps your favourite health food shop. Farmer’s markets are also a great idea to generate some interest. Once you have a made a few sales, and can prove the viability of your recipe, you can think about supermarkets. There will be plenty of meetings and presentations to give, of course. But, if you get the big players on board then you have access to an enormous market.

Well, we hope that has helped give you an idea of how to turn your favourite recipes into a legitimate business. Oh – and don’t forget to send us a free sample!

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