Self-Confidence: Build Photo Confidence this Christmas with Selfie Esteem

Selfie Esteem

Holiday season is the time of the year when selfies and group celebration photos hit an all time high. Whether it’s the office party, a friends get-together or a family knees up, everyone wants to capture the cutest, most festive and hysterical pics, to post on every social media site. In a month where everyone needs to look their best, this can also be a worry for some who don’t like their appearance and avoid the camera. This slippery slope of hiding in the sidelines can also accelerate towards a confidence drop and end up being an unhappiest 31 days.

How to Look Good in Photos - Kate Branch

I’ve created some tips and tricks for you to quickly master so you are the king or queen of the party ball and will love being in every photo. It’ll boost your selfie esteem, well being and give you an extra positive photo nudge in the right direction:

Natural Selfies Galore:

The trick to taking selfies is that you should always have your back towards natural light. Florescent light makes you look older and magnifies every blemish, wrinkle and dark spot. On the other hand, natural light is like having a mini face lift and makes your skin glow while reducing dark circles under your eyes. So when you’re in selfie mode, stand with your back to a window and snap away. You’ll love the way you look and this will build your confidence before heading to group celebrations. Face straight onto the camera or smart phone to remove any sign of double chins but don’t hold the camera too low or you’ll have a selfie of your nostrils!

Group Photos & Photo Bombs:

Since many group photos will most likely be in the evening, you need to switch to Plan B as there is no glorious sunlight to make you shine.

Snuggle Up:

In a group photo setting, make sure you’re close by to each other. Even a two inch gap will make you all look distant and disconnected. You don’t need to stand like toy soldiers in a row but simply drape your arm over a friend’s shoulder and as long as you’re all close by and using your hands as props, this will capture an in-the-moment, emotional photo.

Make The Most of Settings:

If you’re taking a group trip at a ski resort, hitting the beach or at an attraction, play around with the scenery to use as fun props. For example: in a snowy setting, everyone can be group hugging the snowman or at the beach, you can all be making sand angels while someone stands over you taking the shot. These are semi-action shots and will bring the scenery to life. Take a few snaps and share the sequence socially. With everyone enjoying themselves and smiling, you’ll look like a star in the photo and this will help increase your confidence.

Photo Bombs:

Photo bombs can result in a fantastic impromptu shot where no one particularly looks perfect in the end result…but that’s the fun of the surprise. It’s hard to stage a photo bomb yet remember is that even if you’re smiling or looking shocked, the photo will show your amazing impulse personality characteristics. Laugh at the photo instead of scrutinizing that you don’t look your best. This is a sure fire way to start appreciating your own looks and it’s important to remember that most of your friends and followers will be looking at the whole scene, not just you.

Slow Down the Action:

If you’re looking to be more creative than posing for the typical group snap, play around with action shots. Pretend you’re all about to throw snowballs at each other and at the time of the shot, have the person holding the smartphone shout ‘one…two…three…go’ and you all throw snowballs at the same time.

On a final note, if you’re always the one that blinks when the camera clicks, ask the camera holder to say ‘one…two…three…open’ and there will be no closed eyes in the final take. Have a brilliant holiday season building photo memories and promoting socially. Not every shot needs to be perfect but the objective is to have fun, build your self esteem and start enjoying photos of yourself in various poses. Over time, you’ll discover your best angles and this will build self esteem.

Here’s a short video of Kate in photographic action:

Kate Branch, a Sydney local and author of How To Look Good In Photos, has a Major in Photography, a successful photography business, and a Masters in Art Therapy. Kate’s book provides logical tips for accentuating facial expressions, posture, how to position hands and body angles so the photos are a gem, first time around. Ironically, the book has very little to do with photography, yet more about the person(s) in front of the camera to build confidence and self esteem in a world where selfies and social postings of photos are now the norm.

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