When Quitting Isn’t The Easy Way Out

As you go through life, you might be told on more than one occasion that quitting is for losers. It’s the easy way out. Giving up is simply not an option. But there are plenty of things in life that you will want to quit for all the right reasons. And strangely enough, it can be the hardest thing you have to do:

Long Term Relationship

Knowing that you’ve reached the end of the road with a partner is tough enough. Breaking free is heartbreaking. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, chances are the relationship has been breaking down for a long time too. But that doesn’t make it any easier. And if you’ve found yourself in an abusive relationship, getting out can be even tougher. When it’s time to quit, surround yourself with family and friends to help you create a fresh start for yourself.

depression and addiction

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Smoking cigarettes is addictive. It is also habitual. We do it on our breaks from work. We do it when we finish a meal. And it’s lovely to relax in the evening with a cigarette in front of your favourite TV show. There are lots of ‘Stop Smoking’ plans recommended by the NHS. But even if you quit the nicotine, the habit of holding and breathing in a cigarette could be what you miss the most. Companies like Shoreditch Vape offer alternatives to harmful cigarettes that might help you to quit them altogether. Because vaping liquids come in so many different flavours, you can soon wean yourself from ciggies.


When you have a reliance on drugs, you can find yourself in a situation where quitting can cause you a lot of harm. This is when you need to seek help from people that can assist you in the process. Physical dependency can leave you in very poor health. The mental and emotional side of this dependency can be particularly awful to have to deal with as well. When you know your drug use is hurting the people around you as well, it’s time to get the help you need.

not happy

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If your job is causing stress and anxiety, you might feel you are only one bad day away from quitting. The trouble is, the financial insecurity of being unemployed can be disastrous. You can end up in debt, or simply not have enough to feed yourself. This is turn leaves you feeling trapped in a job you hate. Seeking alternative employment needs to be done discreetly. Remember, it’s easier to get a new job if you’re still in the old one. Gives yourself a time frame of 6 months to get your next post. It takes time to apply, interview and give notice.

Life is hard when you’re trying to quit something you know is getting in the way of your happiness and health. The support of friends and family is essential to help you get what you want. Give yourself time and forgive the odd hiccup along the way. And always try to take small steps rather than a giant leap toward uncertainty. Good luck.

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