Precious Time on my Own

And relax.....!
And relax…..!

With two children under two time to myself is a precious commodity. I find myself daydreaming about the things that I would do if I ever have the luxury of a few hours to myself.  This does fortunately happen from time to time courtesy of my husband , partly because I make sure that it does.  With so many mundane jobs permanently to do it requires discipline not to spend this precious time on preparing food, washing clothes and generally recreating a calm, organised living environment.  The problem is that this may temporarily make me feel better but it will be chaos again in the morning so it is almost wasted time.  My theory is that housework should be put on hold whilst children are so small.  Taking time to relax and recuperate without little people crawling all over you is however  essential.

I do try and make time in my week to exercise although it is difficult with baby induced sleep deprivation.  A friend runs a pilates class once a week and my husband bought me a punch bag for Christmas which I try to kick and punch every day.  Who said romance was dead?  Exercise is still a tempting option though if I ever get time to do something for me in a typical week, but this depends on how much sleep we all had the night before.  I have been known to disappear out of the door as soon as my parents come to visit and go for a run.  Nothing against my parents more the need to escape the children for half an hour!

I was also fortunate enough to go on an overnight spa break last week with two like minded mummy friends.  It was the perfect combination of good company, sleep, massage, cocktails, good food, conversation and relaxation. Will definitely be keeping an eye open for a similar deal next year. This wasn’t obviously a spontaneous decision and was a logistical operation to get all of the childcare covered.  Worth every ounce of effort!

Alternatively time on my own may involve lying on the couch with a cup of tea and a good film – anything really that doesn’t have peppa pig in it.  I have also been known to have a siesta which is sometimes all I am fit for by the time I’m on my own, but sometimes this frustrates me as although I know my body needs it I also feel cheated out of doing other things.  A perfect option, even in the middle of the day is a hot bubble bath with scented candles, music and a good old pamper.  If I was given the opportunity right now, that is what I would do!


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