“Pram fit” – How To Keep In Shape Post Pregnancy

One of the main things that has kept me sane post baby is my regular, weekly attendance of “pram fit” at my local leisure centre.  I first turned up when Savanna was only five weeks old in response to a sign advertising a “pram walk”.  It was a sunny day so I turned up in my jeans and flip flops however soon began to feel self conscious as looking around I realised that all of the other women were wearing very sporting outfits.  I asked the instructor if I was inappropriately dressed to be told rather politely that I was!

An hour later I was sitting in the sport centre cafe with lots of other mums and babies having thoroughly deserved a sit down.  I have been attending once or twice a week ever since and look forward to it every week, come rain or shine.  It is a great way to get and stay fit post birth as no child minder required, plus it doesn’t matter if your baby is having an off day as everyone is in the same boat.

Mummy's At Pram Fit
Mummy’s At Pram Fit
Burn the baby bulge
Burn the baby bulge…

On rainy days we exercise inside the sports hall doing an aerobics type session to music.  Prams are positioned around the edge of the hall so babies can either sleep or if at a toddling age like Savanna is now, toddle around the hall or play with toys on a mat.  If the weather is dry then the session would be based outside in the park.  I love getting a dose of fresh air and vitamin C.  You can push yourself as much as you like work out wise (which I tend do) whereas others predominantly go for the social aspect.

I have met a lot of like minded mums through pram fit and recommend it to any new mum that I meet, if only for the activity based social support and interaction. We also organise regular pram fit nights out!

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