Five Things That Have Made Me Feel Good This Week -27/02/2012

Having a nice hot bath with a face mask and candles. Listening to the birds in Sefton park. Spending the day with a special friend who has been very poorly recently. Seeing another friend’s 4 week old baby for the first time and having a cuddle. Watching a DVD in bed with my husband and … Read more

What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

The anti-inflammatory diet is not a fad diet but a lifestyle diet based on general principals of healthy eating.  It is a way of eating to reduce the risk and manage symptoms of illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s , heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and asthma. Correlations have been found between inflammation and chronic disease.  … Read more

Why is it Important to Eat the Rainbow?

Rainbow of food!

One of the main ways to ensure that you and your family get a good balance of valuable nutrients is by “eating the rainbow!” Scientists have proven that by eating brightly coloured, fresh fruit and vegetables you can protect against certain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, cataracts, arthritis and even premature ageing! It is … Read more

Lessons in Lifestyle Balance and Prioritising!

Big Rocks

I once worked as an occupational therapist in New Zealand on a wellness programme for clients with chronic health conditions.  The focus was on encouraging and promoting self- management strategies to help achieve optimum health.  One of the sessions that always sticks in my mind was based on an analogy by Steve Covey on time … Read more

What is the Secret of Life and Eternal Youth!


Have you ever wondered why there are places in the world where life expectancy and general health is significantly higher than anywhere else in the world?  This really interests me so I decided to do a bit of research.  The following places particularly stood out as having some of the highest rates of longevity in … Read more