Money Saving Health Tips

There are countless benefits to improving our health; whether to you that means taking up exercise, making a conscious effort to eat the right foods, sleeping well or beginning the journey to inner peace, there are ways and means to keep the costs down while you are raising your level of fitness.

When it comes to healthy eating or ‘eating clean’ as its better known as in this modern age, the fact of the matter is that it is inevitably more expensive to eat well, not by a huge margin, but enough for families to make the decision to opt for unhealthy convenience foods. It is possible to limit your spending with clever meal planning and portioning, there are plenty of websites and cookbooks dedicated to providing healthy recipes at family friendly costs; The rise in the cost of meat have forced many to re-evaluate the amount that they eat and introduce more creative vegetarian influences into their meals. If the vegetarian option doesn’t appeal to you, opting for cheaper cuts of meat and cooking them well in a faithful slow cooker can provide hearty and healthy meals. Look at small changes that can be made; like switching from refined carbohydrates for wholemeal ones like brown pasta and rice, or cow’s milk for almond milk, these items can often be bought in bulk too – helpful options for families on a budget and first time students fending for themselves!

Picky eaters – don’t lose hope! There are plenty of vitamins widely available to ensure that any nutrients you aren’t gaining from your food can be sought elsewhere. Many supermarkets sell the products at affordable prices and even on long term money saving offers, meaning that you can stock up long term at a reasonable price.

One fool proof way to save money on your shopping bill and make a dent on your sugar intake is to stop buying sugary fizzy drinks and fruit juices. These costly tipples have next to NO nutritional value and are loaded with refined sugar – cutting them out or replacing with low sugar squash or carbonated water will do wonders for your weight, your teeth and your wallet.

If a gym membership is out of your budget, all is not lost when it comes to exercising. Running outside has far more health benefits than running on a treadmill and while it is vital that you kit yourself out with the correct shoes, the rest of the attire is down to you to spend as much or as little as you like on. If you don’t have the running bug, one of the cheapest and most effective methods of keeping fit at home is skipping! You can pick up a skipping rope for less than £5, when coupled with strength exercises using body weights or weighted items such as dumbbells or kettle bells, you have yourself a pretty effective home work out. The fitness industry have seen a huge surge in fitness dvd’s, these are designed to be carried out at home with limited space and equipment; once you have the will – you have countless ways! Although if you are 10 million adults in the UK that still smoke, as well as focusing on clever ways to save money via diet & exercise, stopping your smoking habit will have a huge impact on both your health and wallet!

When we think of our health and the costs involved, we can all be a little short sighted and only think of the money that we would need to spend immediately; however, scrimping on your health now to save the pounds can result in further cost down the line. Even making small changes can have a huge impact on your immune system, meaning fewer work days lost to illness, less money spent on prescriptions and lowering the risk of costly outgoings for external care for more serious conditions such as diabetes in later life.

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