Marine and Outdoor: Does It Matter If You Look Good Whilst You Are Adventuring?

Keep yourself warm!In a word, yes.  With the spate of stylish and technical outdoor clothing available at the moment, it is difficult not to look good whilst adventuring in the great outdoors, which often poses a real problem for those who want to look good whilst keeping fit.  However, the old adage of practicality over fashion still reigns true, especially when you are braving the elements.

Brands such as Helly Hansen, The North Face, Penfield , and Barbour  all offer exceptionally constructed sailing jackets, as well as a nod to the big trends of the moment: bold colours, layering, and the outdoorsman look.  Thus, ensuring you will look just as good on the high street as you would in the great outdoors.  A body warmer is a great addition to any wardrobe, for a technical body warmer, Marine and Outdoors  do a great selection, or if you prefer your body warmers with slightly more street cred, Coggles and asos provide a range of catwalk friendly outerwear pieces.

Base layers have been thrust into the spotlight, due to them being worn by a whole host of sports stars.  These are similar to rash vests used in sailing, and are figure fitting garments which are constructed using a Lycra type material, comparable to the fabric used for cycling shorts.  Premier League footballers, rugby players, golfers, cricketers, track and field athletes, and jockeys can all be seen sporting a thin layer of technical Lycra under their home colours.  And as we all know, if a sports star wears something, it immediately becomes a must-have item (anyone remember the snood?).  The benefits of these base layers have been highly publicised, from wicking moisture and sweat away from the body, to regulating body temperature, and they even have the ability to reduce the risk of injury.  Under Armour are synonymous with base layers, and they have recently expanded into manufacturing all kit and training wear for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, which means that their popularity will continue to rise.

Slightly less suitable for the high street is a wetsuit, unless you want people to think you are a real-life caped crusader.  However, both wetsuits and drysuits predominantly come in black, which as the most ardent followers of fashion know, never goes out of style.  On top of that, all you need to do is accessorise your wetsuit or drysuit with a brightly coloured buoyancy aid and you will be bang on trend.

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