Kitchen Gadgets To Help You Get Healthy

There’s something to be said for going back to basics in the kitchen. A knife, a pan, and your own imagination can be all you need to create a delicious meal. But in recent times, new technology has meant a rise in the popularity of experimental cooking. From superfast methods of cutting vegetables, to creating the latest DIY slushy drink – there’s a loads of kitchen gadgetry out there, designed to make the cooking process fun, easier, and your meals a whole lot healthier too. If you want to know how to lower cholesterol levels, reduce your sugar or salt intake, or create healthier snacks with a minimum of effort, these tools are for you.

So before you invest in a new accessory for your kitchen, check out the following tools, and boost your cooking skills as well as your diet!

Chopping Tools

If you’ve always found chopping boards a bit messy and impractical, there’s now a solution, and it comes in the form of the One Stop Chop chopping board. Made out of beautiful, sleek bamboo wood – it features three storage drawers so you can neatly store peelings or sliced veg.

The One Stop Chopping board with trays...
The One Stop Chopping board with trays…

Alternatively, if you struggle with your chopping skills, there are plenty of accessories on the market nowadays. From onion holders to avocado slicers, there’s help for even the biggest kitchen novice – so there’s really no excuse for not getting your five a day.

DIY Snacks

Dried fruit makes for a great snack on the go, but unfortunately, the store-bought kind tends to contain excessive amounts of added sugar. So why not think about purchasing a kitchen dehydrator instead? It’ll mean you can make your own healthy and nutritious dried snacks in your own home, instead of spending hard-earned money on artificially enhanced flavours. 

Slow Cookers

If you want to get healthy, lose weight, or learn how to lower cholesterol levels – cutting out those bad fats and introducing healthier ingredients is key. A slow cooker makes cooking lean meats, vegetables and all-round nutritious meals so much easier. All you have to do is throw in the ingredients, and you can have a comforting and healthy meal waiting for you when you get home. Now surely that’s technology worth investing in.

High-Tech Blenders

Admittedly, a high-tech blender is quite a pricey purchase, but if you believe that a strawberry smoothie is all it can produce – think again! Whilst a blender is great for helping you get a quick vitamin fix in the morning, it can also be an incredibly versatile tool – allowing you to prepare your own peanut butter, soup, ice cream, pasta sauce, hummus, and much more. With a blender, you can wave bye-bye to those fat and sugar-laden ready-made jars – and say hello to a healthier new you.

Healthy kitchen equals healthy body
Healthy kitchen equals healthy body!

Are you looking to get fit, healthy and enthusiastic in the kitchen? You’ll find plenty more inspiration for gadgets online here. Remember, though, that your tools are only healthy if used responsibly, so do your own research on your dietary goals before you buy to find something to meet your needs. There’s lots of information on how to lower cholesterol levels, how to create low fat or low sugar meals, or which vegetables and fruits are the super-foods of the future online, so get exploring!


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