Kick These Habits and Get Healthy!

5 Habits You Need To Kick For The Good Of Your Health

We’re all taught that healthy is best, and most of us know it’s the truth. But some things are just too hard to give up! If you’ve fallen into some bad practices, it can be incredibly difficult to change. But without being a killjoy, you know very well that the time to do it is now. So, which habits do you need to kick – IMMEDIATELY?

1 Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are pretty much the devil. You read that right – it’s true. Filled with sugar and artificial badness, it won’t be weight you lose – it might just be your teeth. They’re addictive and pretty pointless, so why not switch to that recommended eight glasses of water a day next time you’re a little thirsty? Water has some great benefits – it can speed up your metabolism, give you energy, make your skin clearer and help aid weight loss.

bottles of gut rotting pop
bottles of gut rotting pop

2 Smoking

This one is pretty much a given. They weren’t exaggerating back in school when they told you all of the health risks – there’s a list as long as your arm. If cancer isn’t scary enough, smoking can seriously affect your breathing, which can make working out ridiculously tough. If you’re really struggling to quit, the NHS has ways to help. And whilst E-cigarettes aren’t advisable for new smokers, they can be great for helping you ditch the habit, so try websites like Ecigwizard to give them a go.

stop smoking stay healthy
It’s been a bad habit for decades and comes with health warnings – why bother smoking!

3 Starbucks

The queues in Starbucks (and other such establishments, we don’t discriminate!) can seem absolutely shocking – that’s because they are. Not only are you throwing hard earned cash into a plastic cup that you could make for about a tenth of the price at home, you’re also putting hundreds of empty calories into your body. When you start adding the special syrups and the whipped cream, you might as well give up any gym visits or healthy eating you’ve been doing, as your efforts may well be getting wasted. Caffeine can be a nasty little addiction anyway – whilst it may feel like you’ve got tons more energy, it will most likely be short lived, and could seriously affect you in the long run.

Caffeine should be drank in moderation
Caffeine should be drank in moderation

4 Binge Drinking

You don’t have to be totally tee-total to handle alcohol in a way that will save you the weight gain – and the shame! We all know blackout drinking isn’t anything to be proud of, and yet one look through any city centre on a Friday or Saturday night tells you that a lot of people just don’t seem to have got the message yet. Nobody is saying ‘stop having fun, but if you’re watching your calorific intake throughout the week, it would be a shame to let it go to waste by having a few too many – just check out this handy guide to the units and calories in your favourite drinks – as you can see, they soon add up!

Give up the binging!
Give up the binging!

5 Procrastination

This pretty much applies to every situation, but it’s time to STOP PUTTING THINGS OFF. Why do tomorrow what you can do today? Whether it’s going to the gym, making a healthy meal, or having a think about the positive changes you can make to your lifestyle, the time is now. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Of course, everyone deserves a little treat from time to time, so don’t beat yourself up if you slip up once or twice. Just like how one salad and one workout doesn’t make you fit; one big night out complete with alcohol and a takeaway won’t instant make you unhealthy, either. The key is to be sensible.

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