How to Keep Fit at Home

If the price of a gym membership may upset the bank balance, or you simply don’t feel like getting hot and sweaty in front of others, home fitness can be just as effective as hitting the treadmill. Armed with a bucket load of motivation and a little organisation, you can be fitter than ever without spending a penny.

Although it may be hard to change the routine from sitting on the sofa to dancing about the living room, having a plan and a routine will soon make it second nature and enable you to feel more productive about your fitness regime.

Following just a few of these cost-effective steps, you’ll be shedding the pounds in no time.

Leave the Car

If you’re lucky enough to live close to work then switch the car for a bike or walking. This low impact exercise is seriously underrated. Research has shown that those that fit in more moderate activity into their week’s burn more energy than those who make weekly visits to the gym.

Running in the Park

Ditch the car for as many short journeys as possible and plan longer walks in the evening or even at the weekend. The fresh air will do your fitness wonders, and help to reduce any stress that builds up during your working week. If you’ve got any picturesque destinations nearby make an effort to visit them as you’ll be more inclined to stay and walk for longer if you’re enjoying the experience.

Invest in Tools

There’s no need to invest in costly gym fees when you can invest your pennies into simple tools you can use at home that are just as effective as the machines that scatter the gym.

A skipping rope is one of the best forms of exercise and one that athletic boxers use daily to improve their cardio. The best part is they don’t cost the earth and it doesn’t have to be a fancy branded one either. Search online selling sites as eBay and Amazon to find the best deals.

skipping rope

Resistance bands are ideal if you’re wanting to enhance your strength training without the need of expensive weights. There are a number of exercises you can do that work all areas of the body, and the can also help you to stretch out afterwards.

Put on a DVD

Fitness DVD’s cost very little now thanks to improved streaming services, so this means that you can purchase them for next to nothing.

With so many available that cover all types of fitness; dance, yoga, circuits and martial arts, you can find a form of exercise that you enjoy and stick to!

Try to ensure that you mix it up a little so your body keeps guessing and change your routine every six weeks to gain the most benefits.

Get Gaming

Games consoles have come a long way since their launch and there are now a huge range of fitness inspired games that can make you feel motivated and get competitive with the computer.

Thanks to the advancements in these games it can analyse your body weight, fat mass and BMI so you can keep on track with your measurements.

Video games and gaming in general has often been seen as counterproductive in encouraging fitness, but there are actually many health benefits of gaming that can encourage the entire family to get fit and healthy.





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