Improve your Health and Body Functioning through Muscle Building

Strength training
Strength training

Muscle building, often referred to as strength or resistance exercises, is an exercise which involves “repeated muscle contractions”. Many people are of the idea that muscle building is only for bodybuilders. In reality, anyone who wants to build resistance, strengthen connective tissues and muscles, ease bones and joint pains and enhance the bone density can do muscle building exercises. Walking, jogging and running are good exercise routines because they increase the heart rate and help to burn calories and reduce excess weight. Nonetheless, a balanced workout program should include strength training.

Benefits: Improved Health and Body Functioning

Studies prove that muscle building can improve body balance, blood-sugar levels, mental and sleep health. Muscle building is excellent if your goal is to lose weight. This is because muscle building improves the metabolic rate and the overall metabolism. When you take strength exercises you lose weight even after you stopped the workouts. You still burn calories three to four hours after muscle building exercises. These workouts are effective for maintaining the ideal weight.

Muscle building is also important if you are on a diet. A quarter of weight loss due to altered eating habits comes from the muscles. This can slow down metabolism. Strengthening the muscles will rebuild the lost muscles or prevent muscles loss due to dieting.
As you do strength exercises, you build strong muscles tissues needful to protect the bones, joints and tendons. This is important for seniors who are susceptible to osteoporosis. Athletes can benefit from stability and balance formed by proper muscle building. According to Mayo Clinic, strength exercises can reduce the risks of heart diseases, kidney failure, obesity, depression, back pain, diabetes and arthritis.

Muscle building also improves the functioning of vital body organs like eyes, brain, kidney and heart. In addition to improving your appearance by keeping your body lean and well-toned, strengthened muscles makes clothes fit the body better even if you are not a skinny frame. Strength exercises make the body fit and strong. Your body mass will increase and provide you with more strength for daily activities.

How to Get Started

If you are not a regular exerciser, it is not a good idea to start with strength exercises. Experts recommend that non-regular exercisers should start with light cardio workouts, building up gradually to more intense workouts. This is to build body flexibility so that you are able to do a range of motions required for lifting weights. Exercise will also help you build coordination and balance which will help a great deal in lifts. To start muscle building for the first time, incorporate resistance exercises in your cardio routines, at least twice a week. Start with lighter weights and build up to heavier ones. You can buy weight equipment or hire them to use them at the comfort of your home if you are not used to exercising at a gym.

A healthy nutrition is important in any type of exercise. You need to supply your body with the correct amount of calories your body needs. Consult your nutritionist who will provide you with more guidance on which food will help you build healthy muscles.

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