More Nutrition in The Seed of an Avocado Than The Fruit

Apparently I have not been reaping the true nutritional benefits of one of my favourite super-foods – the avocado. Avocados, while botanically classified as a fruit, or more specifically as a type of single-seeded berry, share more nutritional similarities with vegetables! Does the avocado have an identity complex? Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they also offer a unique, creamy texture that enhances a variety of dishes. My love of this delicious fruit came from a period of back packing around South America about 10 years ago. On a tight budget at the time, my now husband and I regularly purchased an avocado from a Peruvian market stall for the equivalent of something like 15 pence each to make a sandwich for lunch.  Little did we know that we were making such a healthy choice, particularly as the now western super food quinoa was our other staple.


Who knew the seed of an avocado was so good for you?
Who knew the seed of an avocado was so good for you?

The fact that you can eat the seed in the middle of an avocado has come as somewhat of a revelation.  According to One Green Planet, cited in The Independent the stone/seed, inside the avocado contains 70 per cent of the fruit’s anti-oxidants – including polyphenols, usually associated with green tea.  Who knew?

Having looked into this a little further there is a lot of evidence to support this.  The challenge is grinding the seed into a usable powder which is apparently best added to a drinkable smoothie due to the bitter taste (half a seed in one portion).  I think when I give it a go I will leave the seed to dehydrate for couple of days on windowsill, put it in a bag and smash with a hammer, then put it into my mini food processor to grind to a powder.

Also reading about this I discovered that the leaves around the broccoli head contain as many in not more nutrients than the florets! These little pearls of wisdom are right up my street as I love to think that I am fuelling my body and hate food waste.  Will be extra careful about what I discard in future.

Written by Lindsey Holcroft

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