Healthy BBQ Tips

Fabulous fresh mackerel
Fabulous fresh mackerel

One of my favourite things about nice weather is being able to eat outdoors and hey – the sun has now been shining for 3 weeks!  What’s more, we have just moved to a new house which has a fabulous garden and decking area, perfect for al fresco dining. To me the whole eating outdoors in the fresh air concept promotes a positive sense of well being.  What could be better than relaxing in the garden with family and friends, a cold drink and fabulous food? The purchase of our Garden Trading portable BBQ prompted me to explore ways that we can move away from the sausage, white bread and tomato sauce stereotype.

Here are a few general healthy BBQ tips-

  • Choose fish instead of meat as this contains lots of healthy Omega oils, particularly salmon, trout and fresh mackerel.  My personal favourite is freshly caught mackerel wrapped in tin foil with a slice of lemon, simplicity at it’s best.
  • Make vegetable kebabs or cook vegetables such as portabello mushroom, sweetcorn, peppers or courgettes on the griddle.  A delicious kebab is a combination of mushroom, cherry tomatoes and hallumi cheese drizzled with garlic olive oil
  • Use a rack when cooking meat so that the fat drips through.
  • Choose chicken fillets over red meat or chicken drumsticks/thighs for less saturated fats.
  • If you fancy burgers hand make with turkey mince, chopped onion and grated courgette.
  • Think about your side dishes as this is a perfect opportunity to bring freshness and colour to the table.  There are lots of leafy salad combinations which can include fresh herbs from your garden.  Think colour and 5 a day, don’t be afraid to try new things!
  • Brown rice and bean salads are also perfect accompaniments.  Last night I made a bean salad using a tin of chick peas, tin of mixed beans, crushed garlic, crumbled feta, olive oil and lots of chopped fresh mint from the garden.  It was delicious with a BBQed chicken breast and wedge of lemon.
  • A perfect BBQ desert is hot banana.  Wrap the banana in foil and put on BBQ whilst eating your main course.  After 20 minutes it will be all melted inside and you can serve with a little nutella or crem freche.

We are off to Scotland in a week or so for a caravan holiday.  Fingers crossed for good weather so that we can cook and eat outside. The portable BBQ is packed and the taste buds can’t wait.

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