The Healthy Back Baby Bag – Your Spine Will Thank You For It!

A Spine Friendly Backpack – Dump the Satchel!

As a new mum there is so much to carry on top of baby, car seat and pram. Leaving the house is like a military operation with what seems like everything bar the kitchen sink being thrown into a bag every morning. I think it’s proportionate that the smaller the baby, the more stuff you need to carry, not to mention locating the aforementioned stuff, plus ‘just-in-case’ stuff that is normally strewn around the house! Anyway, with my first child Savanna, I found that my lower back and neck ached constantly by the end of every day having been carrying round a black satchel bag (quite a popular model given out for freebie for spending a certain amount in-store by a high street chemist retailer, if memory serves me correct). The satchel wasn’t working for me at all. A huge contributing factor to this shoulder/neck pain was my over sized baby bag that I carried over my right shoulder, altering my posture and putting a lot of strain onto my lumbar spine.

The Healthy Back Baby Bag
The Healthy Back Baby Bag

When child number two came along, Libby, I decided that my old baby bag was going in the bin or to a charity shop to be more specific.  After a morning of online research I decided to try a Healthy Back Baby Bag which cost £65.  It turns out that it has been money well spent! I opted for a bright citron colour to aid visibility out of a range of eight different colours. It was a unique teardrop shape with contours that molded into my spine therefore providing more even weight distribution and consequently reducing back pain. The bag is light weight, hard wearing and machine washable which is ideal for keeping on top of all of those baby stains and muddy splashes from walks around the park. There is only one strap which is extra wide/comfortable and non-slip so does not move when you lean forwards to pick baby up or strap her into pram. I even wear it riding my bike with Libby in the seat on back – hence the colour choice – better to be seen as they say…

There is also an insulated bottle holder to keep drinks warm or cold, a washable, padded changing mat and removable plastic pouch for wet clothing. The added bonus which I did not even consider when purchasing is all of the additional separate pockets both inside and out which have made things a lot easier and enabled me to easily locate what I am looking for so I am feeling a lot more organised this time around. So, the moral of the story here is – dump the satchel!

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