Health Hacks for Bad Habits

We all have those guilty pleasures that can tip the scales, from indulging in our favourite dinner with a bottle of vino, or gorging ourselves on our favourite fast food, there’s no problem in having a cheat day now and again to still enjoy those calorific treats, but giving into temptation too often can leave us all feeling rather sluggish and lacking in energy.

Being able to manage a healthy balanced diet is essential to our over health and wellbeing, but if you can swap the bad habits to a healthy alternative that tastes just a good, you’ll be able to eat your way to health without having to switch to monotonous diets of salad.

Curing the Sweet Tooth

Sugar has had some seriously bad press recently as it’s be classed as an addictive substance.

Admittedly the food industry certainly have to clean up their act with the amount of sugar that is currently found in products that claim to be ‘healthy’, but if you’ve got a hankering for the sweet stuff it can be a really tough craving to kick.

Curing the sweet tooth

Eating regular meals of wholefoods can help to curb the craving ensuring that your blood sugar levels remains at a consistent level.

However if you still feel like treating yourself to something sweet there are a number of indulgent desert recipes that include anti-oxidant fighting foods such as dark chocolate and blueberries.

You’ll not only enjoy eating them but you’ll feel so much better for choosing the healthier alternative.

Stubbing out the Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is no easy task, but as the number 1 reason for most health related illnesses in the UK it’s a habit that is not only affecting your health but also your bank balance.

Stubbing out the cigarettes

If you replaced your 10 cigarette per day habit with an e-cigarette, your pocket would be £1,081.97 better off in just a year. The amount you can save by stubbing out your traditional smoking habit is enough to put towards a holiday, or even a gym membership!

There has been a lot of bad press about vaping and e-cigarettes but with recent confirmation by the Government that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking, it’s a clear sign that these devices are doing far more harm than good.

Getting off the Couch

After a hard day at work the last thing you might feel like doing is going back out and exercising, but with an organised routine and a few fitness DVD’s there’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home to shed the pounds.

You only need 60 minutes of exercise a day to keep your heart healthy, and incorporating this task into something fun that you’re going to stick is the best way to get into a routine without ditching it after a bad day in the office.

Fat man on couch
Get off the couch!

Game styled activities can make you take part in sports and exercise without it feeling like a chore, so when you’re next purchasing your favourite DVD or Game pick up something fitness related as well.

Swapping the Fast Food

The delicious taste of fast food is something that makes us all go a little weak at the knees, but as these foods are high in saturated fats and additives, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.

Fast food looks bad
It even looks unhealthy!

But you can still enjoy these foods without the unnecessary nasties, you simply just have to find the effort to cook them and learn some of the takeaway secrets that make them taste so good.

Cooking from fresh and using whole ingredients will dramatically decrease the calories and the fat content, and you’ll be able to see for yourself exactly what’s going into your dinner.




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