The Health Benefits of Personal Training

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The health benefits of working with a personal trainer are many and varied, and making the decision to add a regular fitness routine to your everyday life is an invaluable investment in good health. Regardless of your age, weight or fitness level, beginning an exercise regime with a personal trainer will ensure that you look and feel better on both a physical and emotional level. Healthy eating paired with a regular fitness routine can reduce the risk of various diseases and health problems, improve energy and vitality and increase the chances of a longer, healthier life. Below are just a few of the health benefits that you can expect when you hire a personal trainer.


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Personalised Workouts

Not everyone has the same physical fitness abilities, so a fitness routine that is beneficial to some may actually be harmful to others. A personal trainer will ask you to provide a detailed list of your physical condition such as your weight and measurements, cholesterol count, heart or lung problems, past or present injuries as well as any other information pertaining to your overall health. Your personal trainer will use this information to design a fitness plan specific to your needs and desired goals while constantly monitoring your progress and health to ensure that you are receiving the safest and most effective exercise routine possible.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Physical fitness is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; however some fitness routines (when not done properly) can cause potentially serious injuries. A personal trainer will teach you the correct forms and techniques to use during your workout to reduce the risk of physical injury as well as monitor you throughout your workout to make sure you are doing your exercises properly. In addition to this, your personal trainer will be aware of any physical limitations or past injuries that may not be suitable for certain exercises.

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

One of the most common reasons why people begin a fitness program is to assist them in weight loss while achieving healthy muscle gain. For many people, finding the proper balance between these two can be very difficult and a personal trainer will work closely with you to help you find the best exercise routines to best meet your fitness goals.

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Proper Breathing Techniques

Many people don’t realise that improper breathing during a workout can actually hinder your overall results. Fast or panicky breathing can cause you to hyperventilate and this will bring your workout to a pretty exhausting end. Efficient breathing techniques are crucial to your bodies overall performance; insufficient oxygen levels will not only slow you down, but they will also reduce your body’s stamina therefore reducing the amount of time you are able to exercise. A personal trainer will show you the proper breathing techniques to use for your specific fitness routines.

Establish a Lifetime Litness Habit

One of the most common things that happen after a person reaches their weight loss or fitness goal is that they slip back into their old routine. Healthy eating and physical fitness should not be considered as a means to get your body into shape, it should be a lifelong lifestyle choice.

With today’s busy lifestyles many people find it difficult to balance work, home life and physical fitness. A personal trainer can help you to find a way to make fitness a priority in your life and work out a plan to comfortably integrate it into your everyday routine, ensuring a lifetime of good health and vitality, as well as creating a healthy eating plan that you will be able to stick with for life.

Article written by Enlite Fitness, specialising in personal training and semi-private training in London and North London locations.


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