Hayfever Spotlight – Can a Pig Cure Hayfever?


The medical industry could be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the battle to cure hay fever, after it was revealed that a pig is being treated for the condition in East Sussex.

Wilhelmina, a miniature pig at Spring Barn Farm, in Lewes, has been given a herbal remedy to reduce the effects of the sneezing allergy, with the results particularly eye-catching.

The farm’s owner Louise Possegger explained to Farmers Weekly: “A month ago I noticed [Wilhelmina] was sneezing a lot. Lou, our shop manager, suggested we try the organic hay fever remedy she stocks in the shop as a joke initially, but we are so glad we tried it.

“We thought if it works on humans, why wouldn’t it work on pigs? Will doesn’t sniff at all now and is happier than ever playing around with her three sisters.”

The development is sure to intrigue those in the medical field, seeing as though NHS Choices reports that more than 10 million people appear to suffer from hay fever in England alone. Furthermore, only between 10% and 20% of those affected from the condition eventually see the symptoms completely disappear over time.

On top this, hay fever can cause problems for sufferers from the early months of spring when tree pollen is released all the way to late autumn and the release of weed pollen.

Of course, there have been many developments for treating hay fever over the past few years. Head over to an online pharmacy, such as Medicines2U.com, and you will be able to get your hands on a NHS prescription for the sneezing allergy without any fuss.

There are also various precautions that sufferers should follow so that they can reduce the chance of triggering the symptoms. Take off clothes and have a shower when returning home from a trip outdoors, to remove any pollen from your body, as well as wear a pair of wraparound sunglasses to shield your eyes.

It is also advised that people with hay fever should avoid heading outside when the pollen count is high in the early morning and late afternoon, although this will be difficult for anyone with a job or at school. If you cannot stay indoors during these periods, at least take a cautious approach by winding car windows up.

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