H2O: Hydrate to Lose Weight

Making the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle involve changing your mindset, marking out your goals and putting a plan in place that you know you can stick to. While it can be daunting, the benefits of a healthier lifestyle are for all-to-see after a couple of months and you can make a big difference through small changes.

Iced Tea for Rehydration

We all know that there is a wealth of ‘miracle’ fat burning pills on the market and some of them may well work; however, many of them are simple pills with simple ingredients that are made to take advantage of consumers, rather than help them in their weight loss journey. Instead of investing your hard earned cash in these supplements you should apply the basics, hard work and a good diet; moreover, something as simple as keeping yourself well hydrated can and will have a positive effect on your weight loss, appearance and general wellbeing. The average human body is made up of around 50-65% water and this essential compound plays an intrinsic role in many of your bodies vital reactions. So regardless of any weight loss or fitness goals, being pro-active with your hydration is important for your general health; however, this elixir of life can also burn easy calories, help you watch what you eat, raise your metabolism, flush nasty toxins and more!
Are you Thirsty or Hungry?
The signals for hunger and thirst are the same and therefore, often confused with each other. If you feel the urge to have a snack then first you should try a glass of water, if you’re truly hungry then your feeling of hunger will return shortly after finishing your water and then you can grab a piece of fruit or some steamed veg!
What’s more, by grabbing an unhealthy and unnecessary salty snack instead of a much needed drink of water you could further dehydrate yourself and prompt some of the nastier symptoms including headaches, fatigue or worse.
Burn Those Easy Calories
Drinking a cold glass of water will burn a few easy calories for you as your body must use energy to heat the water up. You might only burn 20 or 30 calories but every little helps right?!
Boost your Metabolism
When you don’t provide enough water for your body, your bodily functions will begin to slow and your body will prioritise conserving as much energy as possible thus slowing your metabolic rate. Furthermore scientific research and studies have proven that water has a positive effect on your metabolic rate. As you might imagine, this makes proper exercise hydration even more important as you not only need to replace the fluids and essential minerals that you lose, but also need to ensure that your body has adequate water supplies to function fully and burn down unwanted fat. To jump-start your metabolism in the morning you should drink a glass of cold water, this practice could help you lose up to 5 extra lbs per year!

Your General Well-Being
As I said previously, water or H2O is used by your body to flush toxins and also keep your muscles/joints healthy by lubricating them. This means that above satisfactory hydration won’t just give you great skin, it will also help prevent exercise related injuries and improve your overall health.

How to Keep Yourself Hydrated
This might seem obvious, by drinking plenty of water, right? Well you are right, but it’s often not that easy. If you work full time office hours like I do then you too will know the pains of trying in vain to keep on top of your work load whilst not neglecting your intake of water. In order to remedy the situation I managed to convince the HR manager where I work that a tactically placed water cooler in the office that I share with four others would boost productivity by reducing the time it takes for me to get a glass of fresh water and also increasing my ability to focus with cool and crisp water rather than coffee.
Any dietary supplements you want to take in order to attain your goals are purely your decision; however, it’s important that you first get the basics right in order for you to make good progress. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or are happy with your current shape, drinking an adequate amount of water will ensure that your body can function correctly and keep you healthy.
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