Guide to a Healthy Holiday

Looking out from the pool - Provided by DirectHolidays
Looking out from the pool – Provided by Directline Holidays

Looking to getting away and boost your serotonin level? I bet you are, because your body has had enough of the cold and rainy weather needing desperately some rays of sun.  By the way, serotonin is what you wished you had more than money, being that is the happy hormone in our bodies.  Sunshine has been proven to boost our happiness, the immune system, vitamin D, fertility and when taken cautiously skin conditions. Most of us would travel or take a holiday just to break the routine and give our body and soul time to revitalise, but when this is not planned well we all come back from our holidays still in need of another one to recover. If your aim is to have a relaxing holiday then the best advice is to find a balance between the activities you will take and for how long. To make your holiday stress free always aim to get a good deal that doesn’t break you bank or consider paying slowly over time, see for example Directline Holiday low deposit holiday’s payment option.

Lying down all day by the side of the pool or sea is a relaxation myth that may be counterproductive for your well being so here are some activities that you could easily do when you travel.


What? Yes, because is fun, and fun is good for you body. Wait there is more to it. Snorkelling involves swimming, which in turn involves movement of every muscle in our body. This activity will help burn calories and fat without breaking sweat. Regulating breathing techniques while you are at it will help your lungs to increase the capacity of air intake and length of staying underwater. Your heart will see some cardiovascular action trying to pump oxygen at higher rate than usual or slow it down when standing still, which in the long term will help against heart disease. Snorkelling in the sea will not only get you body a nicer tan but it will get your body natural chemicals like salt and iodine.


Walking is a well known healthy activity that you body will certainly appreciate in the long term. On holiday the walking experience is enhanced by the change of the landscape, often with nicer natural views across sea, mountains or unusual spots like forests or caves. Walking and treks are of different difficulties and choosing the right one for your ability is the best thing you could ever wish. A stroll along the beach at dawn or dusk is advisable to all, no matter how athletic you are. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you to capture that moment.

Special Wellbeing Activities

Pamukkale Turkish Hot Springs, - provided by Directline Holidays
Pamukkale Turkish Hot Springs, – provided by Directline Holidays

Since the ancient times man has soughed relaxation and at no wonder things like Turkish baths are still popular nowadays. Having a body massage it certainly will straighten your bones up in Turkey (not literally), and spa break will nurture your body to enjoy a proper relaxing experience from a range of products used nowadays. However, nature has produced some of the best landscapes to nurture mind and body at the same time. If you happen to visit Turkey for you summer holiday then look at visiting Pamukkale, a surreal natural landscape of infinity pools of warm water that leaves behind carbonate minerals.

Guest Post: This post was brought to you by Ervin Cenmurati, a travel expert and freelance writer. Find him on twitter @masterintravel.



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