Green Chard and Black Beans For Tea

My husband took myself and the girls away this weekend for a spontaneous dose of countryside.  We were so proud of the girls who managed to walk 5 miles and climb 1000 steps up Ingleton Falls in The Yorkshire Dales, putting many adults to shame with their little legs.  Not bad for a 2 and 4 year old carrying a back back each of small rocks collected on the way!

The caravan that we stayed in was everything we needed, sited in a field behind the owner’s family home.  The very interesting and generous gentleman was a horticultural lecturer at Lancaster University having practised as a horticultural therapist for 13 years.  On our departure he kindly gave us a bag of his organic cucumbers, courgettes and green chard.  Courgettes and cucumbers are staples in our household but the green chard was not something that I had ever cooked with.

Having spent time on Google I found an intriguing recipe using green chard and what I initially read to be black beans.  I felt quite buoyant by this having watched last weeks Jamie Oliver’s Super foods program featuring black beans as an under used super food of high nutritional value.  The recipe featured on The Guardian website by vegetarian Anna Jones actually contained black eyed beans, but I misread it and used black beans.  Still pretty good to me!

Nevertheless it was very tasty especially with the green herb smash and a successful addition to my newly instated meat free Monday.  I would definitely cook with green chard and black beans again!



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