How To Get Fit After Childbirth

For many pregnant women, their postnatal body really is taking a huge step into the unknown. New mums should be immensely proud of their bodies – creating new human life is no mean feat! However, it can be distressing to see that your body isn’t what you’re used to – if you’re looking to resume exercise as a new mother, here are some guidelines.

Take It Easy

First things first, congrats! If you’ve just had a baby, now is the time to relax a little after all the hard work. Doctors generally advise taking small steps to resuming a fitness regimen after childbirth; and that means not even starting until your doc gives you the all-clear. Your back, core, and pelvic floor muscles will have been stretched and strained during childbirth, so it takes time to rebuild them. Be sure that in your baby’s first few months you make sure you’re prioritising rest, or you won’t have the energy to exercise. A good guideline for this is to nap at the same time as your baby and later work towards re-establishing a routine.

Worth With Others

Ignore celebrity magazines – consult professionals and try not to focus too much on the idea of being ‘skinny’ again. After your body has just done something so incredible, it’s best to work on feeling better – working up to being more active and strong. You can use a free service like Superbody to help you design a manageable postnatal workout that allows you to start gently and progress as you feel ready, as well as having tips for good post-workout snacks that won’t sap all your energy.

Breastfeed If Possible

Not only do the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk benefit your baby, but can help you to lose some of the extra pregnancy weight. Essentially, in producing milk for your bundle of joy, you can lose approximately 300-500 calories, according to Women’s Health. If you find yourself unable to breastfeed, don’t fret – you can still lose some extra weight through healthy eating and light exercise, it may just take a little longer.

Everyday Exercises

As with all fitness goals, it takes commitment to get to where you want to be. This means implementing a regular fitness schedule, and making it work with your new life. The NHS advise taking brisk walks of about half an hour every other day to get you started, and this can be as easy as walking the dog or taking the pram out around the park. You can even use exercise to connect with other new parents, such as at postnatal yoga classes, or joining a running group.

Keeping Shape After Pregnancy
Keeping Shape After Pregnancy

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