Family Values: 10 Healthy Habits to Practice at Home

Being a parent is a very rewarding and challenging task. The world is fast-changing, and conventional parental guidance may not work as well as before. The best way to lead a wholesome family is to practice the following practical and all-time healthy habits in your home:

  1. Cook healthy balanced meals

Reduce the amount of sodium in your food by avoiding canned packaged food. Practice reading the labels with your family for you to be aware of what’s good for your health and for your children to be conscious of what they eat.

Eat the rainbow
Eat the rainbow
  1. Get your kids involved in cooking and planning meals

This can be a tedious task for mums, but you also need to get your kids involved in planning the meals for the week, and let them cook or prepare the meals with you. This is a fun and engaging task so they appreciate the meals you serve and enjoy eating what you prepared.

  1. Keep things positive

While maintaining discipline, make sure you practice positive reinforcement with your children. Refusing to approve of the things they want to do won’t be effective unless you let them know the reasons behind it. This also teaches your kids to be assertive and boost their self esteem.

  1. Limit TV, computer, or spending time with your gadgets

This is very important in the age of rapid technological advancement. Set a timetable for when your children are allowed to watch TV or use their gadgets. In order to engage a strong family bonding time, set a rule that gadgets are not allowed during mealtime so you can all talk openly on the dining table and share useful insights towards your kids, and catch up on your family’s day to day activities. It’s all a matter of valuing conversations and avoiding to get fixated on your gadgets.

  1. Encourage enjoyable physical activities

Parents don’t have to do all the household chores. Promote a reward system and teach your kids to take ownership of your home. Set a good example by doing the chores as a physical exercise. There are studies that show that the more the children are being entrusted to do errands and household chores, the more they grow to be capable and responsible adults.

Outdoor, physical play
Outdoor, physical play
  1. Promote open conversation every meal time

In line with setting a rule that doesn’t allow gadgets every meal time, open conversation at the dining table creates a bond within your family. In this fast-paced life, parents often neglect spending time talking to their children and getting to know them. While your children are still young, show them the value of listening to each other, and valuing your time as a family.

  1. Be involved with your family’s activities

Promote healthy living and attend to your children’s needs, whether in school or in their personal lives. This means that while you still value each of your family member’s privacy, get them to open up about their everyday activities. Schedule a regular visit your family’s physician or dentist to ensure your family’s good health and wellbeing. Make health care insurance a priority because you never really know when you’re going to face a family health emergency. There are a lot of health insurance in the Philippines that can give the utmost security packages for you and your family.

  1. Be a good role model

Needless to say, raising your children doesn’t only mean instilling good values to them. Being a parent also requires you to keep growing to be better version of yourselves. Your children will grow up to honour you even more if you set a good example. If you or your husband have vices, try to keep it at a minimum or create a plan to get rid of it altogether. Your children will subconsciously pick up your qualities and habits while they’re growing up, and it’s best to keep your lifestyles in check

  1. Be realistic

It’s important to deal with challenges and problems in your home and family head on. Find time to fix problems or conflicts right away so it doesn’t happen again in the future. This teaches your kids to take ownership and be responsible in their actions. Give them practical guides while they’re growing up. They will carry the lessons they learned from you while growing up. Make sure you make a positive impact in their lives.

Encourage your kids to set realistic goals and limits to adopt a strong and positive behaviour. Let them know that no matter how small they try, it’s better than not doing any positive change at all. This is important especially in taking care of their health and building good character.

  1. Put safety first

If your kids are still toddlers, always keep an eye on their activities at home. Fix faulty electrical wires, dripping taps, and keep pointy objects where they can’t reach it. Using car seats, seat belts, and requiring them to wear helmets are basic safety procedures that should not be neglected. You don’t have to keep your children inside your home. Teach them to also value their personal safety before they do anything that can jeopardize their overall health.

Encouragement, safety, and positivity always comes at home. Remember that you’re raising individuals that are going to be responsible adults someday. Being strict doesn’t always yield positive results. Learn to balance everything in order to bring out the best in them.

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