What to Expect from Your First Sports Massage

Although exercise is good for us, taking part in lots of activity and sports can often leave your body feeling a little worse for wear. With tight muscles and aching joints it can feel as though it sometimes does more harm than good.

Of course we can all admit to not cooling down properly or stretching for the right amount of time, using lack of time as an excuse. But not finishing off your exercise regime with a good stretch and cool down can cause injury and have a detrimental effect on your body in the long run.

Sports massage is rigorous
Sports massage is rigorous…

Causing painful lactic acid to build up and tight knots to grow, can be a painful unwanted result post exercise. As well implementing a strict cool down method of stretches, a sports massage can also help ease the pain of any overused muscles.

But something that many people don’t often realise is that unlike your ordinary relaxing spa massage, a sports massage will inflict pain and pressure onto your body to help battle the knots, and get the lactic acid moving. Designed to completely release muscle tightness, it is for most a very painful experience, but one that you will soon see the benefits from.


When booking your sports massage ensure to check the qualifications of the therapist, and make sure that they are fully aware of any sports injuries that you may have. Many Sports therapists will have a list such as this one that you can refer to when detailing your type of injury.

The consultation process
The consultation process

Following a thorough consultation about what you’re looking to gain from the massage and any problem areas, you’ll be assessed on your current flexibility and any existing pain.


Sports massage is a rigorous manipulation of the body, and you will no doubt come across areas of intense pain and discomfort. Most sessions take between 60-80 minutes, but this can vary depending on the clinic you have chosen. Take deep breaths throughout the massage, and if something is unbearably painful mention it immediately to the therapist.

As the body is going through quite a trauma your blood pressure will drop leaving you feeling a little cold, but any well practiced therapist will provide you with blankets to keep you warm throughout the massage.


Once your massage has been completed you will feel light headed and very tired. You will be encouraged to drink lots of water to rehydrate the body, and help to flush out the toxins that have been moved around the body during the session. Many people often feel sick afterwards so it’s suggested not to eat any large meals on the day and to perhaps take a nap if you can.

Wash out the toxins by rehydrating after massage...
Wash out the toxins by rehydrating after massage…


Despite this process sounding like a legal form of torture, it can in fact be one of the most beneficial ways to prevent future injuries and resolve existing ones. This article explains some of the common issues that can be eased with a sports massage. As the old saying goes, no pain, no gain!




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