Not Exercising Enough? Here’s How to Improve

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I know many, many people who don’t exercise. In fact, I definitely know more people who don’t exercise than I know people who do. But rarely do I meet anyone who doesn’t want to do some more exercise. It’s on everyone’s to-do list these days. We’re becoming more and more aware of the dangers of not exercising. And with so many jobs these days requiring us to sit down for eight hours a day, many people are becoming concerned about their long-term health.

It’s not enough to simply say “just get out there and exercise!” Nor is it enough to list, once again, the many benefits of exercising regularly. If someone isn’t exercising, then we need to ask why they’re not exercising. And it’s not always laziness.

Lacking the motivation

If you lack the motivation, then I’d say you don’t know about the risks involved when you don’t do any exercise. So maybe you do need to read another list of the many benefits of exercising regularly!

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The pain! The pain!

I have personal experience in this area! Perhaps you’ve tried to get out there and do some exercise. But some part of your body – maybe your back, maybe your legs – just started giving out on you. Pain is one of the of the great demotivators for any task, so you need to look into getting it sorted out right away! Your problem may simply be that you’re pushing yourself too much. If you haven’t exercised in a while, you need to work up to the harder stuff. Consider going out on regular brisk walks before you start doing daily sprinting!

However, there could be another problem. For example, I once began having problems with my knee after a few weeks of running. Turns out my leg muscles weren’t strong enough to support all that exercise! If you’ve injured yourself or need to strengthen muscles, you can look into physiotherapy treatment.

Not enough energy

If you’re going to go out there and push your body to its limits, you need to have the energy to do so! Many people think that the answer is chugging a can of Red Bull before leaving the house. But those energy drinks aren’t going to compensate for what you really need.



Many people think that you only need to start sleeping more and drinking more water when you start exercising. For recovery purposes, these things are obviously important. But if you’re not getting enough sleep and hydrating yourself, then you won’t have the energy levels to start exercising in the first place!

I’m too busy!

Perhaps the most common complaint is that people simply don’t have time to exercise. But further research has shown that people are more able to find the time than they may think! In truth, you should be working to get at least half an hour of brisk movement a day. In the average person’s waking hours, you have around thirty half-hours in a day. Are you sure you can’t spare just one of them?

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Even if you can’t dedicate a solid half-hour to exercise, your desire for more exercise isn’t hopeless. There are a few steps you can take to get exercise into your busy schedule!

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