Exercise for Office Workers – Sitting Down All Day Ain’t Healthy

Inactivity is the scourge of the modern workspace. All too often, people spend hours on end sitting at their desks staring at computer monitors without getting up and moving around. This is bad news for their health. As well as increasing the risk of obesity, research has found that too much sitting can raise the likelihood that people will develop diabetes and heart disease. It’s no surprise then that many firms are looking for ways to encourage their personnel to exercise. Here are two  tactics you may wish to use to boost activity levels among your workers.

Furtniture at Work
Furtniture at Work


 A Well-Planned Office Space

First and foremost, think carefully about the layout of your office. The way in which you arrange your desks, chairs, meeting areas and so on can have a big impact on activity levels among your staff members. By creating an open office that encourages people to move between different areas to speak to colleagues, hold meetings, visit the photocopier, get a drink and so on, you can help ensure your employees don’t remain seated all day long. You can now take your pick from an array of items provided by office furniture specialists such as Furniture At Work™, meaning you won’t struggle to achieve the results you’re after.

Bear in mind that a rising number of companies are providing their personnel with different zones from which to work. For example, breakout areas where employees can gather for informal meetings or simply for a change of scenery are now commonplace.

Office Space Cubicles
For the sake of morale, try to avoid the cubicle effect

Gym Facilities  

If you have enough space and a big enough budget, you might want to provide your workers with office-based gym facilities. Lots of people are too busy these days to go out of their way to hit the treadmill or lift some weights. However, if they can access the necessary resources at their places of work, they’re much more likely to visit the gym. They can head to this area before or after a day at their desks, or during their lunch breaks. Some firms are taking this a step further by including gym equipment within their offices. For example, exercise balls are sometimes utilised as occasional seating and people can now use treadmills and standing desks to burn calories while they work.

Stand Up to Meetings - More Productive and Quicker!
Stand Up to Meetings – More Productive and Quicker!

Redesigning your working area so that it encourages your staff members to be more active may involve you spending some money. However, if it helps to protect your workers’ wellbeing and boost morale, this will prove to be a savvy investment.


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