Exciting Hobbies That Can Help You Lose Weight

Want to lose weight but can’t stand the thought of the gym or going for a run? Exercise and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are many activities you can take up that will help you burn calories without even feeling like you are working out. Check out these exciting hobbies that will help you lose weight.


Sports Illustrated listed motocross as the fourth most physically demanding sports. Although you won’t be racing professionally, motocross required quite a bit of movement that can be very challenging for new riders. The adrenaline rush of this sport will make you forget about all the work you are doing during your ride, however you might feel it the next day! Try riding on uneven dirt tracks for an even more physically demanding ride.

Snow Boarding

Now you don’t need to be living in the French alps to take up snow boarding as a hobby (although it would be nice). There are lots of indoor activity centers that have indoor facilities that mimic a mountainside so you can practice snowboarding. Snowboarding’s calorie burning effects stack up pretty well against other forms of exercise burning between 400 and 800 calories per hour!

Dog Walking

If you already have a dog, great, but if not you can become a volunteer dog walker with organisations like the RSPCA. Taking dogs for walks are great for getting you out the house and getting some exercise. Having a dog rely on you to get out and walk is a great way to get a bit of motivation. Chasing after a dog can be both enjoyable and challenging for your body. As you get fitter you can run along with the dog/dogs for a bit of extra motivation.

Rock Climbing

Again, this type of activity can be done at most activity centers, with different types of walls for different abilities. Using lots of muscle groups to climb the different walls you will build and strengthen muscles making rock climbing a challenging but effective workout. As time goes on you can challenge yourself by going on tougher walls.

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