Electrical Stimulation Pelvic Toners – What, When and Why!

Female Incontinence Facts

  •   Approximately 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from some form of incontinence
  •   Bladder weakness is more common than hay fever!
  •   Women spend in the region of £250 per year on absorbency products just to manage the effects of this problem.
  •   80% of incontinence cases can be dramatically improved or cured by effectively exercising the pelvic floor.

Why You Should Not Ignore Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor muscle (or pubococcygeal) is a large group of muscles suspended across the pelvic like a hammock. It supports your reproductive organs and entire abdominal content, including the bladder and bowels, and plays a major role in the correct functioning of the bladder and rectum. It also controls vaginal secretions as well as sustaining your feminine wellbeing.

A weakened pubococcygeal can be responsible for a number of forms of incontinence – most commonly stress, urge, frequent, mixed and stool. It can also decrease sexual arousal due to poor vaginal grip and in most extreme cases can lead to genital prolapse (the collapse of pelvic organs).  All of the aforementioned can be extremely damaging to and woman’s health, general quality of life and self-esteem.

The most common and unavoidable cause of pelvic floor weakness is natural atrophy (muscle deterioration) which occurs as a result of ageing. Problems can likewise be encountered after childbirth or due to oestrogen loss during the menopause. However recent studies have also identified almost half of young women without children are at risk of pelvic weakness as a consequence of excessive exercise, infection or obesity – highlighting the importance of pelvic toning from young adulthood.

It would therefore be prudent for all women, regardless of age or pelvic health, to consider adopting an effective pelvic exercise routine sooner rather than later, before harder to treat problem develop.

Breaking the Taboo

Incontinence and bladder weakness remains a hugely under discussed topic. Many do not realise there are solutions out there and even more are unaware that effective pelvic floor exercise can prevent problems altogether. Ulrika Jonsson was one of these women and has spoken out about her experience with incontinence:

“…I actually presumed, like a lot of women that I was alone in having the condition. Women are suffering in silence needlessly – nobody is talking about it because it’s embarrassing… You would never believe that women in their 30s or even in their 20s would have experience of this but those are the facts…”

Pelvic Toner: Prevention and a Solution

With the medically recommended minimum of 350 manual exercises per day, the traditional kegel method (‘squeeze and relax’) is extremely time consuming, not to mention exhausting, difficult to perfect and almost impossible to achieve!



An electrical pelvic toner does all the hard work for you through transmitted pulses which contract the muscles efficiently and accurately – some devices in the marketplace boast that an effective workout program, equalling the required daily amount can be completed in as little as 5 minutes!

The right device can safely and accurately provide up to1500 comprehensive contractions in a single session.

Repeated stimulation not only tightens the muscles to restore pelvic health and bladder control but it also increases the blood flow which encourages healthy cell renewal, reducing the risk of infection.

Choosing the Right Pelvic Toner – Science!

Electrical pelvic toning devices are increasingly popular but there are certainly some devices out there using very different methods to stimulate muscle.

Unlike standard forms of electrical stimulation that transmit via one contact point and exit via the other, selected devices use bi-polar migration which finds the most resourceful route through 2 contact points to target deep muscle layers stimulating a much wider, deeper area. The use of CCST (Cumulative Charge Stimulation Technology) also ensures little wastage as the gradual trickle of pulses allows the muscle to successfully adsorb up to 1000% more energy than pelvic floor toners using EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) and TNS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation). In addition, only Class IIa medically certified pelvic exercisers are officially recognised as meeting the standards of the MDD 93/42/EEC and are those guaranteed to safely and effectively restore pelvic muscle tone and improve vaginal health.

It is therefore important for people to educate themselves about the various choices when selecting the correct pelvic exerciser for them and select the right tool for their needs, based on benefit not price. It’s advisable to research the options and even discuss with your GP in advance before committing to a purchase.

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  1. I was loaned a pelvic toner from my Physio to strengthen my pelvic floor which I used every day for 2 weeks.I then developed a water infection.I also have sharp nerve type stabbing pains.I wasn’t told to use a gel on the electrodes. Is it possible it has caused nerve damage?


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