Decluttering Your Home and Mind

Tranquility! (This isn’t my actual house – I have packed the camera!)

We are currently in the crazy process of moving house which is apparently one of life’s most stressful events, especially when you add the fact that we have 2 babies under 2 years of age into the mix.  We have to be out of this house by next Friday but the house that will hopefully be ours will not exchange/complete until the week after, therefore the majority of our belongings have had to go into storage.  Over the last 2 weekends we have roped in various family members and have been chipping away at the process of emptying our entire house.

As I am writing this, I am sitting on a deckchair in an otherwise empty living room.  The children are in bed and my husband has gone to meet a friend for a drink.  Looking around my empty living room I feel quite liberated.  There is definitely something cleansing about a minimal existence, I can see the appeal!  We have literally only got the basics that we need to live left in the house  (plus laptop, mobile and a few toys) and everything else has gone.  It makes you realize that you don’t actually need most of the things that you have.  I feel surprisingly calm and relaxed in my empty room.

It is so easy to get caught up in the consumerist lifestyle, that is is nice to have a reminder that simple living is so much better for the soul.  Over the last few weeks we have given lots of things away to friends, sold items on ebay and made countless trips to the charity shop and tip.  This clearing out process was therapeutic in itself, I think that I will do it more regularly.  Maybe we won’t eat off a cardboard box instead of a table forever but it has been good fun!

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