Cruises: Every Day is a Holiday

Cruise luxury
Cruise luxury

With a cruise, it’s like you’re starting a new holiday every single day. Just think: you can wake up to a new destination each morning, and step off your luxury floating hotel to explore the sights and sounds of each new place – whether it’s a vibrant city like Rome, a cosmopolitan capital like Palma in Majorca, or perhaps the beaches and desert island appeal of St. Lucia.

There’s a huge range of cruise holidays on offer, from 7 night cruises to extended stints of 21 nights or more. If you want something short and condensed, a mini cruise could be right up your street. These short cruises are usually no more than 1 or 2 nights long and typically take in just one destination, like Bruges or Amsterdam. In most cases, the ship will depart from a UK port late afternoon and sail to the destination by night – giving you the chance to soak up the onboard entertainment and sleep through most of the journey. On arrival early the next morning, you’ll have a full day in your chosen destination to do as you please. Then it’s back onboard, ready to dine, dance and doze your way back to the UK overnight, before arriving on home soil
the next morning.
If you fancy something a bit more involved, why not try a cruise over a week or a fortnight? Longer itineraries naturally take
in more destinations, and it gives you a much wider appreciation of a specific part of the world. For instance, with Royal
Caribbean International’s Grandeur Of The Seas, you could enjoy a 7 or 8-night cruise around the Caribbean, stopping at such
delights as Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten and the Dominican Republic. Or you could opt for the likes of P&O Cruises and enjoy a
Mediterranean itinerary, stopping at Lisbon, Gibraltar, Spain and Casablanca.
Wherever you want to go, there’s a whole world out there to explore – and with a cruise, every day is like a brand new holiday…


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