Creating Peace in an Urban Jungle

If you live in the city, green space can be hard to find.

Overwhelmed with noise, pollution and buildings as far as the eye can see, it can feel as though you’re surrounded by the hustle bustle of life, with no sight of a break. But harnessing Mother Nature in big city life can be the make or break element of our emotional wellbeing. Research claims that getting a little green fingered can create a more stable emotional environment.

Potting plants can be a great stress relieving exercise

Creating your own retreat can have a positive impact on your life and make even the worse day at work seem like a long forgotten nightmare. As well as making us step outside and get a little exercise, planting inspires hope. An element that is important for those recovering from ill health.

Ignore the Weather Man

Wind or rain, don’t be put off stepping outside and grabbing yourself 10 minutes of pure unaltered gardening happiness.

With your wellies on and an umbrella to hand, just going outside and feeling a little more grounded will do you the world of good after a busy day in the office.

Even if the weather’s not good enough to get anything done, just take a walk around the garden and take in the space, the plants and the birds.

Nobody is born the best gardener, but there are lots of online tutorials available for you to grasp the basics.

Make It Social

Encourage your family to get outside more.

Whether that means investing in a playhouse for the little ones, or giving them their own gardening project. Make it a space that the entire family can benefit from.

In better weather, invite friends over for dinner in the garden.

Making it feel like a happy place that reminds you of good times, will always put a smile on your face every time you step out into the garden.

An All Seasons Space

If you’re looking to renovate your garden to make better use of it, ensure to think about making it suitable for any season. Adding a path with some paving or even stones such as these, will make it easier for you to visit without getting muddy boots all year round.

Include spaces that you can use in colder weather by perhaps adding a fire pit or summer house filled with cosy cushions for you to escape to.

The No Garden, Garden

Unfortunately in big cities a bit of our own green space is a rarity, so if you’re lacking greenery in your humble abode, try bringing it indoors. Even adding a few colourful plants and flowers can make you feel much more positive in your home environment, as well as being the essential tool for making the air you breathe healthier.

Tulips add colour and vibe
Colourful tulips….

If you can, add some window boxes or potted plants such as these to brighten up your home space. Although we’re not all blessed with the patience of being green, it can bring us many health benefits, mentally and physically that can make our big city lives not so grey.




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