Careers Not Behind a Desk – These Careers Will Keep You Active and Healthy

Non Desk Jobs That Pay Well

Sitting in an Office



Sitting the New Smoking?

When people think about office jobs, they often think about comfort and safety. Sure, they know that sitting at a desk all day isn’t exactly luxurious, but at least they get to sit down! And they may know that offices aren’t as safe as they’re often made out to be, but surely the biggest risk is a slight spill in the kitchen? How many risks are there to an office job, really?

Well, a few readers may already have guessed what I’m about to get at here. The fact is that office jobs are pretty dangerous because they’re sedentary jobs – the fact that you’re sitting around inside all day is precisely what makes them dangerous. There is a growing theory that sitting is the new smoking. After all, surely you remember your parents telling you not to do that? They wanted you to get out and play; sitting around inside all day was lazy and unhealthy. But when you’re an adult, you get paid to do just that. Sure, you’re doing a job, but still. It’s odd, right?

Sitting around all day is pretty awful for your body. Sure, you can exercise before or after work, but spending eight hours at a time just sitting on a chair can cause havoc for your heart in the long-term. And the long-term is the key concern here. When people think about job safety, they’re usually considering the short-term, i.e. actually getting injured on the job. But office jobs are dangerous in a different way – they’re more likely to shave years off your life than the jobs that, on the surface, seem more active and dangerous.

sitting at a desk all day


It’s worth remembering that not all office jobs can be dismissed in such a way; many of us may have worked in an office where we noticed higher-up employees who barely got a chance to sit down! And even some of the other jobs that people associating with an absence of physical activity – journalism, for example – may actually involve quite a lot of travel. But, in general, these aren’t the sort of jobs that fitness lovers find too attractive.

So perhaps the idea of such a job scares you. Maybe you’re worried about your long-term health, or perhaps it’s simply a case of the idea of sitting down all day being repulsive to you. If you’re into fitness and activity, then you’re going to want a job that actually gets you moving, right? Thankfully, there are loads of careers out there that help you do just that. Here are just a few.

personal trainer


Fitness industry careers

This may have been the first field that you thought of, and for good reason. When we imagine the fitness industry, we imagine personal trainers, gym workers, dance and sports instructors – all sorts of jobs that involve a lot of physical activity during the day. And when you work in this industry, you really need to lead by example – consumers aren’t going to be too impressed if the employees in this field aren’t all that physically fit themselves!

So how do you get into this industry? It does, of course, depend on where your talents lie. Perhaps you’re particularly skilled in a sport. In which case, you can look into instruction and coaching. Impressive past achievements will help you land the right job. If you want to instruct in general fitness, then you can looking into personal training courses at places like Origym. If you’re more interested in owning and running a business, then moving up the career ladder in gym assistance could be the best thing for you. These jobs will keep you moving more than pretty much any other!

construction work


Construction and garden work

When we think of outdoor work, we usually think of pretty demanding manual labour. A lot of people out there actually seem to denigrate these jobs, assuming that they’re simply jobs that involve moving things around; something people who aren’t well-educated end up doing. Let’s leave aside the elitism inherent in this view (as well as the big paychecks you can earn in such trades!) and take a quick look at one of the best reasons to enter this field: it can be great for your health.

Both construction and garden-based work such as landscaping involve moving around and working your muscles almost constantly. You need a strong back, healthy legs, and big arms! Of course, it’s worth highlighting that these are the precise jobs people imagine when they think of unsafe careers. But safety measures in these fields are getting better all the time. You get to contribute essential building services to society and keep yourself active as you do it. There’s a lot to like about such a career!


Rescue services

For some, the work of police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians are way too intense to consider. And it’s true that you need a lot of guts to do this sort of work. But it’s not just about guts: you also need a good degree of fitness. These jobs will certainly keep you on your toes; the fitter you are, the better you can do these jobs, which means that your fitness becomes greatly beneficial to society!

The fortitude you need for these jobs, both mentally and physically, is pretty demanding, and it’s why there are such rigorous and demanding training programs for such jobs.  Rescue services are always looking for new blood; they’re never really “full”, seemingly only ever constrained by budget issues. If you want to do something that will keep you active and healthy while doing a lot of good for society, this could be for you.


Hospitality and food industries

Rescue services, manual labour, and the fitness industry are pretty obvious areas to consider. They’re also fairly intense, when you think about it. If you’re looking for something that still requires a lot of movement but doesn’t quite reach the intensity of these jobs, you may want to consider jobs in the hospitality or food industries. You could be cooking, waiting, cleaning, being a tour or travel guide, serving people at hotels, helping others carry personal items… the list can go on for quite some time, but the common factor in all of them is how much they keep you on your toes.

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