Can’t or Won’t Wear Glasses – Ever Considered Laser Eye Surgery?

There have been many advancements in the arena of laser eye surgery over the past few years and now outpatient consultations in clinics around the UK can ‘fix and correct’ eyesight issues in young and old alike. It’s also the choice factor which is so comforting for many, not everyone feels comfortable in spectacles, some feel even less comfortable in contact lenses (especially considering the maintenance and potential eye irritations that come with contacts) but for around £1,200 (the price of a pair of designer spectacles in some boutiques), people are undergoing minor ‘lasik’ surgeries and ditching their spectacles forever. Essentially, the majority of LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) surgeries are performed to correct short or long sighted problems by reshaping the cornea and allowing light to hit the back of the retina.  It’s an incredibly common process, in fact, there is even a branch of Optical Express in the Trafford Centre, Manchester, which shows how mainstream these clinics have become. An Ice Cream Van vendor named, George Manoli visited earlier this year and makes for a very positive case-study…

Laser Eye Surgery was clearly the right choice for this Ice Cream Van Man; he drives for a living, plays football and snooker (any sport is pretty much dependent on good eyesight) and wasn’t keen on wearing glasses, presumably because of criticism over his spectacles in his formative years at school. What’s particularly striking is how painless and quick this process seems to be. A walk in, walk out process and feeling the benefits almost immediately. Clearly, readers should be aware that having surgery anywhere on your body is worthy of some background reading, but as we’ve seen in the case study with George, laser eye surgery can really make a big difference, very quickly.

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