A Cancer Prevention Diet Plan for Pancreatic Health

A Guide to Pancreatic Health

Pancreatic cancer is the tenth most prevalent form of cancer in Britain. In 2011 alone, around 8,800 new cases were reported, which represented 2.7% of newly reported cancer cases in the UK. There is a genetic predisposition to account for a small percentage of pancreatic cancer however, it is known that smoking, alcohol abuse and diabetes mellitus are primary contributory factors involved in this terrible disease.

Considering prevention one would recommend to stop smoking, limit alcohol intake and ensure diabetes mellitus is well controlled. In addition to reducing obesity there is evidence to suggest that a very specific diet can improve overall pancreatic health.

What substances have been linked to pancreatic health?

According to a significant body of research, there are certain nutrients, foods and vitamins that can support pancreas well-being.

For instance, curcumin, extracted from the widely-used Indian spice turmeric, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are believed to suppress carcinogenesis. Adding Indian foods such as low fat, vegetable based curries to your diet on a regular basis has the potential to deliver a range of benefits related to the well-being of your pancreas.

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants that can support pancreatic health and minimise the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Selenium, found in nuts, brown rice, sunflower seeds and seafood, is also known to deliver antioxidant properties that can promote pancreas health and minimise the risk of pancreatic cancer. People who are found to have low levels of selenium in their bloodstream could benefit from a course of health supplements.

How can beneficial nutrients be consumed in sufficient quantities?

The simple way to consume the nutrients beneficial to pancreas health involves carefully planning your meals in advance. Although this can be a time-consuming and laborious task at first, a daily meal plan could make your life a lot easier. Whether you are already fighting a pancreatic condition or you are trying to prevent one from developing, evidence based nutrition has the potential to improve pancreas health and support cancer prevention.

Although you can tailor your own meal plans over time, it’s a good idea to first develop an understanding of the kinds of foods that can deliver the required health benefits. A typical pancreatic diet might include the following meal plan:


A medium-sized bowl of Brazil nut and oat based muesli with semi-skimmed milk

Green tea is the key...
Green tea is the key…

A cup of Green Tea


A medium-sized baked potato with a salmon fillet marinated in turmeric, served with mixed salad and fresh lemon juice

A cup of Green Tea

Afternoon snack

Green Tea and banana smoothie made with semi-skimmed milk

Evening meal

Mushroom omelette with turmeric potato wedges

Green Tea low fat ice cream



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