Boost Your Immune System With Bimuno

Stay healthy!
Stay healthy!

I love this time of year but also find that my immune system is usually compromised as a result of all of the festivities, late nights and over indulgence.  This year has been particularly hectic as we had a wedding the week before Christmas followed by something on every day over the Christmas fortnight.  Add to this the fact that our youngest Libby has been poorly with bronchiolitis and I have been regularly nursing her at regular intervals through the night, you get the picture!

A friend told me about a product that I would like to share with you called Bimuno Immunaid, which I have been taking daily for about 6 weeks.  Bimuno is a clinically proven  patented formulation, specially developed to help keep your immune system fit and healthy.  It is perfect for those times when your immune system needs a bit of a boost or for individuals with compromised or weak immune systems.  Bimuno boosts the level of Bifidobacteria (your body’s own good bacteria) which helps to control the bad bacteria and support gut health.  This is important as according to Dr Ellie Cannon, GP and broadcaster, 60% of our immune system is associated with the gut; with certain types of naturally occurring ‘good’ gut bacteria playing a central role.  It is the vitamin C and unique prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharide  in Bimuno that have this effect, working in harmony with your body’s natural immune system.  As you can see, I recommend giving them a go!

I’m not usually one for supplements but this isn’t in place of diet it is additional support for your immune system.  It would also be a good idea to take on your next holiday to faraway lands if you are prone to an unsettled tummy on holiday.  I could have done with knowing about this little gem before our holiday to Gambia!

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