The Benefits of Walking to Work

The benefits of walking to work

An article recently published in The Independent reports how Britain is expected to be hit with a barrage of wintery weather as November draws to a close. Snow, sleet and rain are all to be expected, with temperatures looking likely to peak at just four degrees C across the UK.

Walk to work
Walk to work

With this in mind, you may be wondering why this post is talking about the benefits of walking to work. Surely now isn’t the time to be getting outdoors, right? Wrong! Here are some reasons why you should walk to work this winter.

You’ll beat the traffic
Sitting in a Monday-morning traffic jam can be no less than soul-destroying. Add snow to this mixture and it is a recipe for disaster.
By walking to work, you’ll not only avoid being stuck in endless tailbacks, you’ll avoid the danger of manoeuvring the car through the snow too. Just prepare for some furious looks as you power past the angry motorists.

Shift some weight
A few months ago, you may have shelled out a fortune on a party dress with the intention of slimming into it. With Christmas just a few weeks away, and no sign of a supermodel body as of yet, walking to work could help you shift those niggling extra pounds.
This handy calorie calculator can help you work out just how much you have burnt during your walk. Who knows – there might even be room for an extra mince pie or two!

It’s convenient
With so much to do in preparation for the big day, it can be difficult to dedicate a section of your day to hitting the gym. By combining your daily commute with a workout, you will free up some time while not sacrificing your fitness in the process.
Of course, if you’re going to battle the elements, you’ll need to be prepared. A warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves are all necessities. Take a look at the Snugpak range at Polimil: products have been designed for extreme weather conditions so they’re really effective insulators.
Teetering over frosty ground in your skyscraper heels is unsafe to say the least. Always wear a pair of warm, sensible boots with a sturdy grip for your commute. If you absolutely must have the heels in tow, pop them in your bag and change into them in the office.

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