Is Stress Sabotaging Your Well-being?

Stressful day

Well-being is all about taking a holistic approach to health. Perhaps in a backlash against the punitive and shaming language that can dominate discussions around health and fitness, the concept of wellness takes into account your happiness and the need for self-acceptance as part of overall health. Stress is the major barrier between people and … Read more

Work Mobility: How to effectively work from home

Example of Home Office Work Space

Technology has completely transformed the way in which people work. It is now possible for many employees to operate effectively and efficiently from home. This can help individuals to eliminate potentially long and stressful commutes and it allows them to function more flexibly around their other commitments. It can also help companies to reduce their … Read more

Stressed? Forget Herbal Teas Try Exercising Instead

Horse riding stress busting

Juggling the stresses of modern life can often have a detrimental effect on our health. If we don’t have a suitable stress busting method, it can seriously impact upon our mental-health and lead us straight into the jaws of anxiety, sleepless nights and depression. Whilst I am a fan of tried and tested methods such … Read more