Photography as a Hobby

Having a hobby is good for body and soul regardless of your age and gender. A hobby offers ‘me time’ a great opportunity to escape the rat race of life. It also offers plenty of opportunities to interact and network with other individuals who share the same passion. Relaxation and interactions with others are paramount … Read more

Five Things That Have Made Me Feel Good This Week – 03/06/2012

Chester Zoo

Spending the day at Chester Zoo for David and Savanna’s birthday. A spontaneous, thrown together afternoon with my nan, sister, cousins and Savanna. Watching the olympic flame pass through Liverpool. Walking to The Albert Dock and back from Otterspool Prom with David and Savanna Visiting my inspirational friend Tracy who has just had major surgery.

Dietary Tips for The Aging Population

Stay healthy!

By following the nutritional guidelines and dietary tips for senior citizens outlined below, you will be able to maintain better long-term health, enjoy an active life even in older age, and potentially increase your lifespan. Drink Plenty of Fluids Senior citizens who want to stay healthy must make sure they drink enough fluids each day, … Read more

Are You a Slave to “Should’s”, “Ought To’s” and Expectations?

Often in life the biggest form of stress comes from the pressure that we put on ourselves to meet our own standards and the perceived expectations of those around us.  Who decides how life “should” be and is this really helpful? When you expect a lot of yourself, others and the world around you then … Read more